Nicole Scherzinger Gets Sued For Refusing To Tour Unless She Is Handed More Power

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The Pussycat Dolls have seen international success over the course of their careers, and much of their fame is a direct result of the wide popularity of the lead singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger.The founder of the group, Robin Antin, recognizes this fact but never thought she’d see the day that Nicole Scherzinger would stand so firmly amid this stalemate, absolutely refusing to budge on her involvement in the reunion tour and demanding full creative control and a larger share in the earnings.

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Antin has tried to discuss the matter with Scherzinger, who seems comfortable in her position and unwilling to negotiate. While the success of the Pussycat Dolls was a direct result of all the hard work that each member put into the group, most fans wouldn’t be able to recall the names of the other members. Nicole Scherzinger is well aware of the power she possesses and believes it’s time that respect is given where it’s owed. She wants to retain full creative control of the tour, essentially stripping Antin of her duties.

Scherzinger is well aware of the fact that without her, the tour simply would not be possible, as fans would never invest in the ticket price if she were not part of the lineup. Fully taking advantage of her position, she has shut down the negotiations with Antin and has instead issued her demands for control and more of a financial stake in the tour’s earnings.

Unless the lines of communication open up between Scherzinger and Antin, the two ladies will see this situation unfold in the courts, forcing a significant delay to the tour.

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