People reveal what life in mental hospitals is really like

What it’s REALLY like in a psychiatric hospital: Patients reveal how they were pressured to take drugs and had sex on the ward – but others admit they miss the simplicity and companionship

  • People revealed what it’s really like in psychiatric hospitals on Whisper 
  • Anonymous testimonies talked of drug abuse and sex on the ward 
  • Some said they found the institutions more welcoming than outside world 

Former patients have revealed what it is really like to spend time inside a psychiatric institution.  

Sharing their experiences on the US-based anonymous secret sharing app Whisper, they revealed how they had sex on the ward, lied about substance abuse and made friendships that have lasted a lifetime. 

Some focused on the positive and explained they felt more accepted in psychiatric hospitals than they ever had before. 

Others made surprising confessions, with one admitting she tried marijuana for the first time while a patient. 

Here, a look at some of the shockingly honest posts… 

People opened up anonymously about their experiences in mental institutions on the US-based sharing app Whisper One person explained how they tried drugs and sex for the time while staying in a mental hospital 

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Appearances can be deceiving. One person said they met ‘thoughtful’ and ‘gentle’ people while at a psychiatric ward 

Silver lining. One person said they made great friends with other patients while staying at a mental hospital 

A patient explained they felt pressure to lie about themselves in order to git at the hospital they were being treated

One person made the shocking revelation they felt pressured to take drugs for the time while staying at a mental institution 

A safe space. One person admitted they felt ‘the most loved’ at a mental institution, compared to anywhere else 

Killing time! A former psychiatric ward patient explained they had to rely on games and coloring to keep themselves busy 

One person who stayed in a mental institution said they preferred staying there than facing the outside world 

One person said they felt the ‘real world’ did not care about their problems, which made them miss the mental hospital they had been staying at

A simple life. One person said they felt less challenged by life on the psych ward than by the outside world 

A tough reality. One person recounted how they tried to help their roommate, who had hallucinations 

A former patient said a psych ward did not help them feel better, and made them feel like they were in ‘jail’

Finally accepted. One person said it took them to stay in a hospital’s psychiatric ward to feel ‘100 percent accepted’

Finding love. One patient said they met their spouse while staying at a mental hospital while they both felt suicidal 

Nurse Ratched? On person said they felt the staff at the mental hospital they stayed at were ‘less human’ than the patients

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