PETA Offers Alternative Phrases For Terms That Include Animal Cruelty

PETA believes phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals should be phased out, and it has supplied us with some alternatives.

More and more people around the world are quickly having their eyes opened to the often horrific ways some animals are treated. Not pets, necessarily, but animals that are bred and used for the food and drink industry. Whether that be for their meat, dairy products, or anything else we may rely on animals for.

Some of the horrible practices being used are available for all to see via videos online. While they are nothing new, many people likely didn’t realize that was how their food was being treated before it made it to stores and ultimately their plates. It’s why there has been such a rise recently in those choosing to live and lead a vegan lifestyle.

PETA, the leading organization when it comes to the prevention of cruelty to animals, wants us to go a step further than that. Earlier this week, PETA tweeted a list of well-known phrases. Turns of phrase that have likely been used for centuries. You can check the five of them out for yourself below. The common theme is cruelty to animals, even though those using the phrases probably don’t even think about it.

Killing two birds with one stone, referring to someone testing something for the first time as a “guinea pig.” PETA believes the continued use of these phrases contributes to the trivialization of cruelty to animals. Instead, it has supplied us with some handy alternatives. Bringing home the bacon becomes “bringing home the bagels.” Take the bull by the horns may soon be “take the flower by the thorns.”

We can see what PETA is trying to do, but we’re not so sure these new cliches will take. As we said, the ones they will be replacing have been around for decades, maybe even centuries. Then again, phrases have to be said for the first time at some point. There was a time when none of the above cliches had been said, PETA approved or not. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new world rid of common phrases which trivialize animal cruelty.

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