Pete Davidson Leaves Mom’s House And Buys A Luxury Condo

Celebrities have been known to live lavishly and spend an absolute fortune on their homes. It seems that the status symbol that best demonstrates someone’s extensive wealth seems to be the size of the mansion they live in, and the area in which it is situated. Of course, when these multi-million dollar homes are purchased, the rich and famous continue to expand on their lavish lifestyle by filling their homes with high-priced furniture, priceless art, and many other expensive objects. Pete Davidson has been known to do things rather differently.

The ongoing joke on Saturday Night Live centers around the fact that Pete Davidson still lives in his mother’s basement. He has built himself an elaborate man cave and has been residing on the lower level… until now. Davidson seems to have just dropped a whole lot of his well-saved dollars on a brand new apartment in the heart of New York.

Pete Davidson purchased a home with his mother a long time ago and launched extensive renovations to customize it to his liking. This includes an elaborate man cave in the basement, in which he spends most of his time.

Of course, the ongoing joke for several years is that he ‘lives in the basement with his mom,’ and he has put this topic front and center in a series of skits on SNL, all of which generate lots of good laughs.

It seems he has finally taken a leap into adulthood and has purchased a home of his own. Though he’ll always stay near his mom in case she needs anything.

Pete has just purchased a very expensive property that is more aligned with his massive net worth of $6 million.

He is now the proud new owner of a luxurious high-rise apartment worth $1.2 million, and the best part of it is… it’s situated very close to his mother’s home.

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According to the New York Post, his fancy new digs feature two massive bedrooms and 2.5 beautifully decorated bathrooms, and “the residence is situated on the water and boasts panoramic views overlooking Manhattan.”

One of the main features of his new home includes the fact that the family and dining areas were designed to be open-concept, and they lead to oversized windows. These, in turn, lead to a very large terrace with breathtaking views.

Certain areas of the room come with a Hawaiian theme, including one of the bathrooms. There are quartz countertops in his chic, modern kitchen, and of course, the condo comes with a unique waterfall installation for optimal relaxation mode.

Davidson’s new home is being described as; “a pinnacle of luxury lifestyle living.”

Reports indicate that he is now dating Phoebe Dynevor and fans speculate that this may have inspired him to purchase a private residence for himself.

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