Prue Leith shares her easy technique for freezing green beans

Prue Leith shares her tips for freezing veggies to make them last longer – and says the key is to blanch greens before storing them in an airtight plastic bag

  • Prue Leith, who lives in the Cotswolds, shared her hack for freezing green beans
  • She demonstrated method for blanching the vegetables pre-freeze on Instagram
  • Her easy technique impressed social media users, racking up over 11,000 views 

Great British Bake Off star Prue Leith has impressed social media users with a cooking hack that helps to keep green vegetables fresher for longer.

The 80-year-old, who lives in the Cotswolds, took to Instagram to share her tip for freezing green beans – and explained the importance of blanching them beforehand.

Prue – who boasts more than 76,000 followers – captioned her post: ‘How to Freeze Green Beans.’

‘The problem with one weekly shop is that fresh produce can often go out of life and people end up throwing food away which is a shame and a waste.’

‘So in today’s #KitchenHack I want to share with you how to freeze green beans, but the technique applies to any fruit or veg.’  

Prue Leith, 80, (pictured) who lives in the Cotswolds, demonstrated a technique she uses to freeze green beans on Instagram

Revealing how she prepares the vegetables, she continued: ‘You want to take the tails off – actually I don’t bother with the tops. 

‘There’s this little stalk end, you want to make sure that they’re all the same size. Just put them all in a bunch together and tap them down, so they’re all level. 

‘Wack the whole lot off together, topped and not tailed. To freeze them, one of the things you have to do with green veg is blanch it before you freeze it. Blanching is a matter of boiling something for a very short time.’

Placing the beans into a pot of boiling water, she continues: ‘They have to stay there for about a minute, just until they’re hot right the way through. It might take a little longer.’

Prue removed the tails of the green beans before placing them in boiling water for around a minute (pictured)

To make sure they’re hot enough – not luke-warm – she went on to suggest testing a bean by cutting it in half and putting your tongue against it.

She then advised placing the blanched vegetables into a bowl of cold water and waiting until they’ve cooled all the way through.

Prue’s tips for freezing green beans 

Step 1: Blanch vegetables in a pot of boiling hot water

Step 2: Place vegetables into a bowl of cold water 

Step 3: Dry the green beans and flat pack them in a plastic bag.

‘You then drain them – it’s important to dry them because if they’re very wet they will stick together in the freezer,’ Prue advised. ‘To get them dry I roll them up in a tea towel. Don’t mash them, just fondle them.’

To complete the process, Prue placed the green beans in ‘order’ in a plastic bag and ensured all the air was out of the bag by twisting the top before sealing it with a rubber band.

‘You want to end up with a flat packet which will take up less room in the freezer,’ she added. ‘Put them on a flat tray to freeze them.’  

Prue then placed the green beans into a container of cold water, before using a kitchen towel to dry them (pictured)

Prue (pictured) explained that it’s important to thoroughly dry the vegetables before putting them in a  plastic bag, to keep them from sticking together  

The post, which has been viewed over 11,000 times, impressed many of her followers.

One person wrote: ‘Thank you for this easy-to-follow no nonsense guide. I like the way you flat pack them. Very clever.’

Another commented: ‘Thanks! My husband was asking about blanching green veggies – your demo video is perfect! Terrific!’

A third added: ‘Another cooking mystery solved! Yay!’ 

A stream of people commented their appreciation of the cooking hack, dubbing it ‘very clever’ and ‘terrific’ 

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