Quality Street, Celebrations and Roses tins shrink AGAIN with Christmas treats now 40% smaller than 10 years ago

Every year the same debate is had about the drop in size from the family favourites, but it turns out they are getting smaller at a rapid rate.

Companies have claimed that it merely results in a few sweets being left out of the tin, but pictures showing the decline in size over ten years suggests otherwise.

The standard size tub of Quality Street has dropped from 750g to 720g, with Celebrations joining the streamlining by going from 680g to 650g.

Robert Opie, who set up the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill, London, told the Sunday Times: "Consumers are outraged by shrinkflation. These brands are trusted — we have grown up with them.

"You change the weight [of boxed sweets] at your peril.

"Part of the tradition is that you pass around the tub among your family. And suddenly now you find it has been emptied quicker than you thought. Then the grumbling starts.

"If the manufacturers carry on doing it they're going to risk riots in the streets."

Producers such as Mars and Mondelez, who owns Cadbury, say they reduced the weight to make the treats affordable, while Nestle admitted that some of the chocolates have a high calorie content so there are less included in the box to stick to the allowed nutritional value.

Yesterday we revealed why you're always left with your least favourite chocolates in Christmas selection tubs.

Manufacturers put fewer of the most popular sweets in the mix, which explains why you're always finding tangy orange and coffee chocolates instead of Green Triangles.

But if you're still desperate for extra green triangles, John Lewis has just launched its Quality Street pick and mix stations, where fans can create their own tubs for £12, in selected stores.

In other Quality Street news, Nestlé has quietly ditched the Honeycomb Crunch flavour- after bringing back Toffee Deluxe.

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