Rachel Uchitel sues Seeking Arrangement for breach of contract

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Tiger Woods’ former paramour Rachel Uchitel is suing Seeking Arrangement, claiming the sugar baby dating website stiffed her out of $60,000 when it terminated her contract early amid the Rep. Matt Gaetz sex scandal.

Uchitel signed a six-month contract worth $120,000 as a spokesperson with the company earlier this year and was tasked with helping to de-stigmatize sugar dating, the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Wednesday states. 

The agreement hit rough waters in April when Gaetz (R-Florida) was accused of using the website to find women to have sex with in exchange for money, embroiling the company in a “serious crisis,” the lawsuit says. 

Seeking Arrangement, the largest dating platform in the world with millions of users, typically connects younger females with older men who provide goods and cash in exchange for companionship and often sexual intimacy. 

The Las Vegas-based site has been criticized as serving as a “de facto prostitution” hub that puts young women in dangerous or uncomfortable situations — and when Uchitel tried to alert the company about such complaints she was receiving from female users, she claims she was ignored. 

About two months after the Gaetz scandal broke, Seeking Arrangement told Uchitel it’d be suspending all marketing campaigns because they cannot continue as a “sugar baby/sugar daddy” site and that her agreement would be terminated. 

“Plaintiff pointed out that she is the spokesperson and that the scandal has nothing to do with her and that she could easily be the spokesperson with a new branding strategy,” the lawsuit states. 

When Uchitel received a formal termination letter a few days later, it stated that it was  “satisfying the termination conditions as outlined” in the contract she signed but she disagreed and said she was owed a payout for the rest of her contract, worth $60,000.  

“The Agreement has no termination conditions or clause whatsoever,” Uchitel’s suit says. “The Agreement is for a fixed term of six months at a fixed payment per month. No termination was contemplated, other than if the spokesperson should ‘cease being available’… Plaintiff in fact was available at all times to perform her duties as spokesperson.”

Seeking Arrangement then “bizarrely” reversed course, saying it’d cancel the termination if Uchitel agreed to sign a much more stringent contract and nondisclosure agreement — and if she didn’t, she wouldn’t get the money she claimed she was owed.

“Defendant was effectively holding a gun to Plaintiff’s head,” the lawsuit alleged, and Uchitel refused the deal and proceeded to file suit. 

In a statement, Uchitel’s attorney Galen Criscione said her scenario was a “textbook case of breach of contract.”

“I believe Seeking Arrangement’s mismanagement of the situation has resulted in outrageous behavior against my client creating lasting damage to her reputation,” the lawyer said.

Seeking Arrangement didn’t return a request for comment. 

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