Royal Mail release stunning cosmic stamps to celebrate Britain’s contribution to understanding outer space – The Sun

THESE cosmic stamps celebrate Britain’s contribution to understanding outer space.

Royal Mail has released the set to mark 200 years since the Royal Astronomical Society was founded in London.

The Visions of the Universe presentation pack has eight stamps featuring astronomical phenomena that capture “the drama of the universe”. It is available for £9.75.

Philip Diamond, executive director of the Royal Astronomical Society, said: “This striking and attractive set of stamps reflects the drama of the universe around us.

“I’m delighted that our bicentenary year is marked by a genuine collector’s item combining tradition with contemporary science.”

Philip Parker, a Royal Mail spokesperson, said: “These beautiful new stamps celebrate the UK’s contribution to our understanding of the Universe.

“From geysers erupting from one of Saturn’s moons to the extraordinary nature of Black Holes.”

The full set is available in a presentation pack and can be pre-ordered from Royal Mail.

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