Samantha Markle Suggests That Meghan Would ‘Not Be In The World If I Was Not In The World’

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, went on a short rant on Twitter today talking about her choice to write the tell-all book on the Duchess. The book is expected to be released sometime soon, and is titled, “In the Shadows of the Duchess.”

Then, during a series of three tweets, Samantha noted that “Here’s a newsflash for you and it’s going to be in my book she would not be in the world if I was not in the world.”

The somewhat cryptic post provoked several responses, including one user that said, “How come? I think you are referring to her parents more than you!”

Another person added, “I’d keep this one to yourself if you want to avoid being seen as narcissistic.”

Royal fans will probably have to wait to read the book before they truly understand Samantha’s comment. Considering she’s a sibling and not a parent, it’s hard to know at this point what she means by that.

Additionally, the sister also said, “And guess what kids,…millions of you, and aggressively and openly on Twitter every day, I am just as entitled as everyone else to express my opinion. I am not a member of the royal family and I have #freedomofspeech just like you do”.

Whatever the reasons for the book, or whether anyone is in the right or wrong, it would seem that its publication will further create a greater rift between Samantha and Meghan. After all, Prince Harry asked Meghan’s dad, Thomas, to stay away from the media. And when Thomas broke that promise, it was the beginning of the family drama that has yet to end.

And while Samantha prepares to release this book, the contents of which are mostly unknown at this point, Thomas has threatened to become “louder” if Meghan and Harry don’t respond to his messages.

In the meantime, Samantha’s tweets are garnering a wide spectrum of responses. Some are on Samantha’s side, sympathizing with her and wondering why Meghan isn’t doing the “right thing” and reconnecting with Thomas. Others criticize the sister for her comments or intention to release a book.

But with or without the family drama, the royal family’s lives continue on. Meghan is expected to give birth this spring, and it appears that the media playing up a feud between Markle and Kate Middleton is slowing down. Plus, the Mirror reported that Meghan is believed to have been asked to become a patron of the National Theatre.

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