Scammers use the name of £105million lotto winners to con victims

Scammers are using the names of £105 million winners to con victims out of personal details.

A hoax email claims to be from Steven and Lenka Thomson and asks the receiver to send personal details.

The fake email is littered with mistakes – yet claims to be from the EuroMillions winners.

The badly written email reads: "I am Mr Thomson from Selsey, I want to inform you that your email have be chosen as one of the lucky beneficiary to receive donation of 1,500,000 GBP, from our EuroMillions jackpot lotto winning of 105,100,701 GBP, won by me and my wife this 2019."

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Police forces warn people to be vigilant if they receive such email scams.

The Mirror contacted West Sussex police for comment on this case.

Steven and Lenka announced they would be generous with their new fortune when they were unveiled as the latest lotto millionaires.

The pair said they wanted to use their money to do good as they had struggled to make ends meet before hitting the jackpot.

Mr Thomson, who works as a builder, also promised to go back to work and finish the jobs he still had on his books before Christmas.

He has already shown he will be prudent with the new family fortune, splashing out on a second hand car.

The hoax email has been circulating round the village of Selsey in West Sussex where the family run a home improvement business.

Earlier this month, thousands of unwitting shoppers were fooled by a Woolworths text scam.

The scam saw conmen set up a Facebook page called Woolworths Club that looked exactly like the store's style and tricked hundreds into handing over sensitive information in order to win groceries as part of an 'anniversary giveaway'.

The scam has left shoppers even more confused as the message appears to come from a phone number legitimately used by the store.

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