See how you can use this tropical fruit instead of meat during your next barbecue cook out

If you’re looking to replace meat with a healthier alternative, look no farther than the jackfruit. 

The jackfruit is a tropical fruit, and it’s the largest fruit that grows on trees. When cracked open, it has a few yellow bulbs inside — those are the parts that are edible. As of recently, we’ve seen jackfruit mostly used as a meat substitute in vegan recipes because of its texture. 

Despite its intimidating size and rigid exterior, the jackfruit is manageable and easy to cook with, especially if you get it canned. 

According to a restaurant industry report, jackfruit’s popularity increased by 131 percent last year. Since gaining traction, it’s become easier to find jackfruit in stores, either in cans or as packaged food that’s already pre-seasoned with anything from thai curry to chili lime carnitas. 

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