Selena Gomez Just Released A New Track That’ll Have You Heading To The Dance Floor

Selena Gomez has released her second collaboration of 2019 and it comes in the form of a song that will have you grooving your way into spring. Along with Benny Blanco, Tainy, and J Balvin, Gomez dropped the new single "I Can’t Get Enough" on Feb. 28. This is her second single of the year, coming just one month after the release of Julia Michael’s "Anxiety," on which Gomez was featured. In comparison to that track, "I Can’t Get Enough" has a much lighter vibe. Gomez’s vocalizations provide part of the beat for the bilingual Spanish and English song and it will definitely make you want to move.

Two days before the song officially dropped, producer Blanco gave a preview of " I Can’t Get Enough" on Instagram that featured Gomez singing the chorus and her "mm-mm-mm-mm-mms" that are inevitably going to get stuck in your head. The tease promised a good song, and the foursome delivered with a steamy yet laidback tune. Gomez kicks it off by singing, "Crazy/I like that, you like that/So let’s be crazy/The contact, impact/I want that daily/Our breath getting deeper, deeper, lately/I like that, baby." The rest of the English lyrics are pretty simple, but with the beat and Gomez and Balvin’s vocal chemistry, you’ll be dreaming of dancing to "I Can’t Get Enough" in warmer temperatures. Instead of Christmas in July, it’s like a summer breeze in February.

Gomez has proven she can sing in Spanish on songs like "Un Año Sin Lluvia" — the Spanish version of the Selena Gomez & the Scene’s 2010 song "A Year Without Rain" — and "Taki Taki" — DJ Snake’s 2018 song that featured Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B. However, on this track, she’s singing the English counterpart to Balvin’s Spanish language verses. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Feb. 20, the musician gushed about working with Gomez. "Such a humble girl, great person. I’m really happy she’s the way she is," Balvin said. Tainy, a reggaeton producer from Puerto Rico, also praised Gomez to ET when talking about the song. "She’s a queen. She’s incredible. It’s such an honor to have her on my first single. It’s insane. Hopefully, we can continue to do some more work together," he said.

Besides the song being something you’ll want to dance to in the club, "I Can’t Get Enough" marks another return to the public eye for Gomez. In October 2018, Gomez was hospitalized before entering a mental health treatment facility. She started the new year in an optimistic mindset with a return to Instagram and a collaboration with Michaels that addressed anxiety and depression — two things Gomez has openly discussed as having. But the singer has remained, for the most part, relatively under the radar in the past few months. Which is part of what makes hearing her just let loose and have fun on a sexy dance track like "I Can’t Get Enough" so fun.

Two days before "I Can’t Get Enough" dropped, Gomez was spotted in the recording studio, so there could be more music from her on the way. Although she had a number of singles in 2017, like "Bad Liar" and "Wolves," Gomez hasn’t released an album since 2015’s Revival. And fans have been eagerly awaiting another release. But while it’s unclear if Gomez will have a new album sometime soon, "I Can’t Get Enough" will give you your Selena fix, and it’ll have you dancing while you wait.

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