Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn maxed out credit cards to buy designer clothes

Selling Sunset is finally back for its fourth season (and it’s already confirmed for a fifth) after the success of the previous three.

The hit Netflix show had their audience hooked from the get-go with their drama, million dollar houses and of course the glitz and the glamour that the agents brought to our screens.

Their outfits really are next level – if only we could strut around in stilettos that high (sigh), but it’s the star of the show, Christine Quinn, who immediately caught our attention.

The glamorous blonde was seen in numerous designer labels such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Chanel during the first season, but did her estate agent wage really cover the cost? Apparently not, here’s how she managed to look like a million dollars on a budget…

Selling Sunset’s leading lady Christine Quinn admitted: "you’ve got to fake it to you make it."

While talking to Vogue, she addressed how her parents couldn’t fund her love for fashion and she would always have to wear her sister's old clothes.

"When I was a teenager, my parents couldn’t afford any clothes growing up, so I was always given my sister’s clothes. I would go and make crop tops out of sweatshirts, and I would make my clothes tighter. Even though my clothes were from Kmart or Walmart, I was still having fun with making it look like it was always really cool and different. My style was always over-the-top in school," she explained.

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And it seems that not much changed as she got older…

Speaking to The Sun, the new mum explained: "I used to always buy clothes I can’t afford — I’d wear them, feel amazing and then send them back — stores have a great return policy. I would never be seen in the same outfit twice."

For season one of Selling Sunset I was buying and returning — maxing out credit cards along the way. I’m all about faking it until you make it."

Well she certainly had us fooled and we love her even more now.

Since season one, the Dallas born star has been an ambassador for PrettyLittleThing and makeup brand Ciate and is now worth a whopping £2 million.

The reality star also married a retired tech entrepreneur who sold his company Foodler to Grub Hub at the age of 38 and is said to have a net worth of £14.4 million pounds.

We really do hope Christine no longer has to return those Louboutin’s…

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