Snake 2021 zodiac horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you this year

Chinese New Year: Each Zodiac sign explained

Instead of working month by month like Western astrology, the Chinese Zodiac pairs years with animals. Your year of birth is tied to a particular animal from the story of The Great Race. People born in 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 are probably Snake signs, but it’s worth a double-check because the Chinese New Year starts anywhere between January 21 and February 20 – depending on when a specific New Moon is. chatted to Feng Shui Expert Marites Allen (@maritesallen on Instagram) to find out the horoscope for people born on Snake years.

The year 2021 is going to be amazing for Snake-born people, even if the Five Yellow misfortune star is residing in the Snake’s house chart this year.

Marites said: “Provided you surround yourself with protection mantra amulets, especially the 5-element pagoda, this year could still bring you a rich harvest.

“You should be ready to tap into the opportunities that come with the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.”

Marites has revealed what’s in store for Snakes in terms of romance, wealth and career in 2021.

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Snakes will attract plenty of love in 2021, and Marites has said this is the perfect time to meet your life partner.

She explained: “Your newly found strength will show itself with your ability to get the attention of your love interest.

“You will have the confidence to express your feelings for a special someone even if you are somewhat shy.

“A well-chosen love charm will help you choose the right partner.

“This can be in the form of a romance luck activator and double happiness amulet.”

However, Marites has warned Snakes not to be too controlling of their love interests because this will make them want to leave.

If you’re already married or in a long-term relationship, this year will be about recovering your relationship.

Marites said: “All the disagreements and the conflicts that caused you and your partner to be distant will be resolved.

“It will be a happy reunion and the things that brought unhappiness in your marriage will be forgotten.

“You will have the desire to protect your partner and see that they are comfortable.

“The year 2021 will be a time to make new beginnings and let go of past hurts.

“It will solidify your union and you may even need to take new vows to stand by each other.

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Money you’ve put into something is coming straight back to you this year, Snake.

Marites said: “The Snake may get a massive return on investments in the year 2021. If you had put in money in a venture, you could get a lot of profit from it in 2021.

“The Snake in the previous years struggled to manage his finances but will experience a complete change in the new year.

“The inflow of money will be regular and greater than expected.

“To safeguard your finances, anti-burglary images can be displayed in the Southeast or better yet, bring with you its version in the form of key chain accessories.”

Keep saving your money though, Snake, even if excessive amounts of money is flowing in from all different areas.

Marites advised: “You should begin to budget for the future and not spend carelessly.

“Times like this are very rare and when the luck of money comes your way, you should be ready to put every aspect of your life in order.”


You have plenty of luck coming to you this year at work, Snake.

Marites said: “The Snake has so much to celebrate in his work and businesses.

Despite some challenging obstacles, the year 2021 could still come with lots of opportunities and even promotions.

“You could excel in everything you set your mind to. The Snake will receive compliments even for past projects he completed successfully.

“Your record of achievements will be brought out and your boss may give you a well-deserved promotion.

“You may also expect this promotion to come with a generous amount of money.”

To help bring on this success, Marites recommends carrying with you the victory banner-inspired charm or installing its image or the ruyi symbol in the Southeast or North sector of your home or office to activate your career luck prospects.

She added: “You will appreciate this year of the Metal Ox for the career luck it brings.

“If you work in the finance, business, and legal sectors, expect a rewarding career this year.

“Also, the Snake active in politics may be lucky to secure a position of significance in 2021.”

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