Spiked Vest Stops Coyotes From Killing Dogs Or Hawks Flying Away With Pet

While Beanie looks like a throw-back to the 1980s with all his spikes, this pup’s protective vest is serious business.

Dogs aren’t just pets anymore, they’ve become four-legged family members in many homes across the nation. Protecting your pet is serious business today with all the dangers that lurk outside your front door.

From a tiny tick carrying Lyme disease to coyote looking for its next meal, your dog is at the mercy of mother nature’s hungry wildlife. Even with your dog on a leash, you’re not completely safe from a big hungry predator.

There are flea and tick collars for dogs, which were created to keep them safe from the small parasites. But what about the bigger predators that loom and wait for their next meal like bobcats, coyotes, and even large flying birds?

Now you can protect your dog against the bigger predators that are coming closer and closer to populated areas. You might not worry too much about a coyote killing or maiming your pet if you live in a city, but you should.

With more and more reports of coyotes wandering into populated areas you just never know. While all dogs are at some risk if there’s a hungry coyote in the area, small dogs are especially vulnerable, according to USA Today.

In Arizona, a dog named Beanie faces all types of predators out his front door. Beanie’s owner is very aware of the coyotes, bobcats, and javelinas in their area. Javelinas as “these weird aggressive pig things,” reports The Atlantic.

Beanie looks rather funny in his protective gear but he’s a tiny dog. Beanie is a chihuahua, so his owner, novelist Amina Akhtar, makes sure Beanie’s safe against what lurks in his backyard. Akhtar lives in a rural area outside of Sedona, Arizona.

The novelist’s remote home offers all the beauties of nature but it also offers danger to her dog. Beanie only weighs a little over 8-pounds so he’s easy prey to the hungry animals and even hawks.

When first moving to this area, Beanie’s owner was afraid a hawk would pick up her pup and fly away, not to mention the threat from coyotes. It’s happened in other places, so there’s always that possibility.

Akhtar moved from New York City with Beanie to her new desert home and the thought of Beanie in this new terrain prompted Akhtar to do a Google search. What she found might help other dog owners keep their pets safe.

When Beanie goes outside he is dressed for safety in a vest fitted with spikes and wire. The vest is made by a company called Coyote Vest. The vest was created by the CEO of Coyote Vest, Paul Mott. After Mott lost his dog to a coyote in Southern California, he was prompted to create this vest.

While the vest was created to ward off a coyote attack, it can also keep your dog safe from another dog attacking your pup. It will also ward off a bird of prey from carrying your small dog away.

If you look at Beanie in the vest above, it seems to give the dog the same type of protection that’s naturally built-into a porcupine. Spikes protrude out of the vest along with stiff neon-colored wires. This makes it almost impossible for a coyote to grab the dog with its mouth.

The vest comes with other options as well. Like an “LCD blinker, a bite-activated shock device, and ‘whiskers,’ which are the sprays of wire that stand up on the dog’s back offering a prickly effect to any animal that tries to bite the dog,” reports The Atlantic.

You don’t have to live in the desert for coyotes to offer up problems today. Reports of coyotes killing dogs in New England have made the headlines over the past year.

Dogs were killed by these predators in both Westfield and Agawam Massachusetts over the last few years. Channel 22 News reports that coyotes have some Springfield residents worried as well. The coyotes are not just in the rural areas anymore but surrounding cities and towns as well.

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