Taylor Swift's Christmas Music Video Is Full of Adorable Home Videos

Taylor Swift is getting into the holiday spirit with a new song and music video — and some adorable home video footage of herself as a child.

Earlier this week, the singer surprised fans by announcing she would be dropping her own version of a Christmas banger. Swift, who grew up on a literal Christmas tree farm, had plenty of fodder for the song, aptly titled "Christmas Tree Farm." 

The video is a montage of Swift as a little girl with her family on their farm in Pennsylvania. 

There was Baby Taylor in a festive knit hoodie:

Taylor Swift Christmas Music Video

Baby Taylor and her curly hair sitting at a Christmas tree, presumably chopped straight from the farm: 

Taylor Swift Christmas Music Video

And Baby Taylor opening Christmas gifts:

Taylor Swift Christmas Music Video

Cute footage, Swifties tuned into what they theorized could be an Easter egg in the video: a possible release date for her next album. One clip from the video is timestamped November 23, 1989. But, as a fan noted, Swift wasn't born until December — leading them to think the date is a clue.

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Of course, she could have just used footage from her parents' videos that predated her birth, but it wouldn't be a Taylor Swift drop without fun conspiracy theories. 

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