Texas School Has 6 Sets of Twins in Basketball Program: 'We Always Have Someone to Play One-on-One'

There are sure to be a lot of double-takes at Splendora High School basketball games this year.

The school, in Montgomery County, Texas, boasts six sets of twins in its basketball program, which has 65 athletes in total.

“It’s odd that you have so many twins in one program,” Deitra Inkster, the school’s communications director, tells PEOPLE. “I think it’s cool but I don’t think it’s in the water. I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason to it.”

The twins are: Jordan and Adam Carter, 17, (seniors); Shelby and Shayla Keck, 18, (juniors); Erin and Ryan Kendall 16, (juniors); Zoe and Maci Surber, 14, (freshmen); Jannet and Jaquelin Reyes, 15, (freshmen) and Ian and Lucas Ferrari-Johnson, 15, (sophomores).

Inkster says that the freshman joining the high school program brought the number of twin sets to six, and she notes that a parent pointed out the phenomenon.

“The Carters’ mother, she called us and goes, ‘Hey! Do you know there’s quite a few twins in the basketball program. There’s five or six,’ ” Inkster recalls. “We go, ‘No way!’ Sure enough, we started looking and there were six sets! We were surprised.”

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She says the head coaches of the boys’ and girls’ team likely didn’t think much of the coincidence, because they each have twins of their own.

“There’s three [sets] that are identical, the Kecks, the Surbers and the Reyes’ are identical,” Inkster says. “It helps that both coaches are fathers of twins so they probably pick up on the uniqueness of each athlete. I think it’s really cool that they already have insight to twins. So I don’t think they have a problem telling them apart.”

Girls head coach Oscar Kendall’s daughters, Erin and Ryan, both play for his team and Boys head coach Jason Vela has twins who attend a nearby school.

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Jordan and Adam said in a statement on the school’s website that they’re “always being compared,” despite being the only set of girl-boy twins in the program.

As for Shelby and Shayla, the Keck sisters said there are plenty of benefits to being identical twins on the same team.

“We know what each other is thinking on and off the court,” Shayla said in the school statement.

Shelby added: “And we always have someone to play one-on-one with!”

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