The 2019 Hair Color Of The Year Is Super Shiny, According To L’Oreal & ‘Vogue’

Real talk, there’s already been about five or six new hair color trends for 2019 that have made it to my "Must Try" list. I just tried out rose gold, Lady Gaga has me feelin’ icy blue, and chocolate lilac has be wondering if I should play up my brunette roots. All these and more aside, the 2019 Hair Color of the Year according to L’Oreal and Vogue has been determined, and I daresay it’s the best by far. That’s a big claim, but my fave model Iskra Lawrence just tried out the new hue for herself, and it’s by far her boldest look yet, so I’m very much here for it.

To be clear, L’Oreal launches an official Hair Color of the Year annually, and they made the 2019 decision with none other thanVogue, so regardless of what you may think of it in comparison to the year’s other color trends, this hue has their seal of approval, and so it reigns supreme. Along with the announcement, they also drop a few new hair dye shades, to make it that much easier for you to give the look a go on your own. The color was selected by the brand’s own color designers, who chose the hue based on an analysis of "hair color trends, search data and inspiration drawn everywhere from fashion runways and city streets, to social media and travels to all corners of the world," according to L’Oreal.

This year’s shade? Not rose gold, nor gold. Hello, Smokey Silver:

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#ad ❄️meet the new iced out me?❄️ So excited to have gone #silvergrey with the new Colorista permanent #hair dye @lorealhair ?✨ . Literally dyed my #greyhair yesterday and shot the campaign in Paris with 3 other girls who all did their #haircolor differently? because #yourgreyyourway . I even did a how to video (coming soon) because it’s super easy to do at home yourself or with a friend and it’s only ❗️£6.99 – and you can save £1 @bootsuk ? I’ll link it in my insta stories if you wanna go #grey with me? Let me know when you try it and send me pics I can’t wait to see the results! I’m so excited it has such beautiful tones even some blues in some lights so super excited literally feel like storm from x-men? . #lorealparispartner #ad #hairtransformation #hairgoals #iskra #silverhair

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Model Iskra Lawrence has been a buttery blonde for ages — but her silver strands give her old look a run for its money:

According to Orrea Light, vice president of L’Oreal’s Global Marketing Product Development and Beauty Innovation, grey hair no longer has a granny-vibes connotation, and in fact, it’s become quite a bold, spritely shade. “Not only has silver hair been a top color trend on the runways and it is the ‘it’ color for women of all ages, we love what the color stands for – it symbolizes charisma, ethereal energy, power, focus and it is beyond chic," says Light.

And of course, the brand made sure the look is totally attainable for its customers, via three new shade releases:

"Whether someone’s desired result is sophisticated, daring, fun, or all three, they can find their perfect metallic match within the esteemed houses of Preference, Feria or Colorista,” explains Light. New launches include Feria Permanent Hair Color in Smokey Silver ($9,, Superior Preference Permanent Hair Color in Soft Silver Blonde ($9,, and Colorista Hair Makeup in Silver Blue ($7,

L’Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color in Smokey Silver



L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Permanent Hair Color in Soft Silver Blonde



L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup in Silver Blue



For so long, I considered silver and gray super unattainable hair colors, reserved for celebrities only. Kudos to L’Oreal and Vogue for helping people nail this look with ease! Some of my favorite celebs have taken the hue out for a spin the past, including Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Zosia Mamet, and tons more.

Let’s not forget this vintage, icy platinum silver from Gaga at the 2015 Grammys:

Also hi, I will never stop obsessing over Dascha Polanco’s smokey silver and lavender wig worn back in 2015. A look and a half, people:

And Riri rocked the hue even earlier, sporting a dip-dyed silver pony at her 2014 Diamond Ball:

I’ve never been so tempted to change up my look:

Who would’ve thought 2019 would be the year I’d want gray hair, not dread it? Smokey silver is one big, bold mood, and it’ safe to say L’Oreal Paris and Vogue really nailed it with this year’s color selection. Now, please excuse my while I go distract myself so that I’m not tempted to bleach my whole head and try this trendy shade for myself.

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