The ’Styling Hollywood’ Trailer Offers A Peek At What It’s Like To Style A-List Celebs

After you watch the fantastic trailer for Netflix original reality series Styling Hollywood, you will probably feel compelled to create an alert on your smartphone that notifies you the millisecond the show hits the library. You will want to watch it the moment it is made available, and not a moment later. That is a totally reasonable reaction to the preview, which Netflix unveiled on Wednesday, Aug. 14. It really is that great.

Styling Hollywood, which will be available on the streaming service Aug. 30, follows power couple Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis as they, well, style Hollywood. In the preview for Styling Hollywood, we see Bolden and Curtis work with a number of famous faces, including award-winning director Ava DuVernay, Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi, and writer/activist/producer Janet Mock.

Netflix’s press release reads,

Oh, what have we here? A reality show about a couple who runs a company that curates the wardrobes and the homes of big name celebrities? You better believe that is what we have here, and jeez, does it look divine. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Bolden got his start back in 2011 when his friend Gabrielle Union asked him to style her for Art Basel. Now, he styles a lot of A-list stars for A-list events, part of The Hollywood Reporter‘s 25 Top Stylists list, and runs a lifestyle company with Curtis.

As Curtis told Coveteur in 2017, JSN Studio began when Bolden "decided he wanted to be a stylist, but he was also an interior designer." Curtis continued, "I told him, ‘Well, you want to be known for one thing, and then we can do everything else.’ There was always the goal of having this multidisciplinary company that we call a studio. Most people know him just as a stylist, but we also have an interior-design practice.”

Curtis also told the outlet that he “couldn’t imagine not working with [Bolden].”

Styling Hollywood will give viewers a peek into what it is like to be a stylist to the stars, as well as a look at Bolden and Curtis’s personal lives. When talking about the forthcoming Netflix series in Out‘s February issue, Bolden said,

Sorry to be a broken record, but this show sounds so dang good. Mark those day planners, build those advent calendars, and clear those schedules. Come Aug. 30, you’ve got on appointment with Styling Hollywood.

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