‘The Voice’ Winner Todd Tilghman Admits ‘Drastic Changes Are Coming’ Regarding His Future With Music

Todd Tilghman is officially your winner of ‘The Voice’ season 18! The champion talked with HL about what’s next for him, what makes Blake Shelton the best ‘Voice’ coach, and more.

After an unprecedented season, Todd Tilghman, 41, is The Voice season 18 winner. He beat out Toneisha Harris, Thunderstorm Artis, CammWess, and Micah Iverson to win the season. Todd was surrounded by his family and friends when he was declared the winner. Todd spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY and revealed that he and his wife have big plans for their 8 kids regarding how they’ll celebrate his Voice victory. “My wife keeps saying and my kids keep saying Disney World,” Todd said. “My wife made that promise, and we are going to keep it as soon as we can make plans to go. I want my kids to get the full experience. We will just have to pull it off when Disney World is back fairly to normal, where you can have a semi-normal time. It might take all the prize money and then some with my family, but we are going!”

The pastor is currently living in Mississippi, and he weighed in on whether or not he’ll move to pursue music full time. “The best way that I know how to answer that is that I know my life is going to drastically change, but at the moment I don’t really know the specifics,” Todd admitted. “I feel like it is a good possibility because I do want to pursue music, and I do have a platform right now and connections right now. I do want to do the work and strike while the iron is hot. What we will do is, once those decisions are presented, we will decide in the moment. Long story short, I know drastic changes are coming. I just don’t know exactly what they are just yet!”

Todd also revealed that some of his kids may be following in his musical footsteps. “My kids are so gifted in different ways. They are all super distinct,” Todd told HollywoodLife. “My oldest sings. He can play piano by ear and just picks out chords and can name them. My second oldest son, he is doing it in his own way, but he writes and performs his own raps and will put them on Instagram or Soundcloud. Even the little ones sing, too. I have got several that have the music bug. My 14-year-old son doesn’t sing a lot but is really gifted in graphic design. He did a lot for me and posted it on his Instagram so people could vote for me. He is really gifted in that, and everyone really has their own gift.”

Todd’s win marked Blake Shelton’s seventh victory as a coach. Blake has the most number of wins after 18 seasons. Todd opened up about why Blake is such a special coach. “There is something about Blake Shelton. It’s not like there is nothing about the other coaches… I mean, Kelly [Clarskon] won last year, but I think that there is something about him that people just love. He takes the attention off and makes you feel that everything is good, and you are doing a good job. People love someone who makes them feel like they don’t have to take anything so seriously.”

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