These 3 Zodiac Signs Hate Secret Santa, So Don’t Expect Them To Participate

Ah, the Christmas season. The one time of year when millennials get nostalgic thinking about their childhoods, while binging on holiday treats, and participating in festivities such as Secret Santa and White Elephant. Although, speaking of which, these three zodiac signs hate Secret Santa, so don’t judge them for opting out: Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. I personally don’t have anything against Secret Santa; however, that doesn’t mean I’m a fan of it either. I guess for me it all seems a bit forced, especially when you get stuck with someone you barely know. I know I sound horrible, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here.

TBH, I have two really funny Secret Santa stories, which once again, prove my point. Why sign up for something you know will eventually end up being totally awkward? Besides, there’s so much more to the holidays than exchanging gifts, which is why everything about this activity feels wrong. Now, I have to be honest: there are some kick ass Secret Santas out there, and their effort could never go unnoticed. However, not everyone was born with jingle bells infused in their DNA, and even then, that is totally understandable. The holidays mean something different for everyone.

This is going to sound terrible, but I remember being a little girl opening a gift from my Secret Santa, and looking over to my other classmates in complete shock, considering they were shamelessly trading gifts with one another, just moments after opening them. Heartless much? Mind you, I never ended up trading mine, but again, what’s the point in going out of your way and purchasing something for someone? I mean, it’s obviously different when you’re in first grade, but I’m clearly traumatized by the entire thing. I say, get together with your family and friends, and do what you will. Stop forcing people, that barely know you, to buy you things.

Nevertheless, here’s why these three zodiac signs want nothing to do with Secret Santa:

Cancer: You’re Way Too Sentimental

Let’s face it, Cancer: You’re way too emosh for Secret Santa, and for so many reasons. For starters, you can’t detach from the overall meaning of Christmas. Your gifts come from the heart, and there’s so much that goes into the process for you. For example, everything from the holiday gift-wrapping to the choice of the gift itself, means everything to you. The thought of giving someone something "just because," infuriates you, especially when they give you rules like, "make sure it’s below 20 dollars." None of it feels genuine to you.

Scorpio: You’re All Or Nothing

Oh, Scorpio. It’s not that you hate everyone, you just can’t stand being fake. For you, the thought of Secret Santa, feels like serious pressure combined with bull sh*t. Also, it doesn’t help that you have at least one nemesis wherever you go, so the thought of picking their name of a hat, scares the hell out of you. On another note, and I hate to put you on the spot here, but you’re not very friendly when it comes to money. The thought of spending money on someone you can’t stand, let alone barely know, does not sit well with you. Period.

Capricorn: You Think It’s Nonsense

Secret Santa who? It’s not going to happen. Not even close. For starters, everything in your life is equivalent to an investment, and well, you’re not about to invest is this holiday tomfoolery. It’s not that you hate Christmas, you simply refuse to partake in meaningless holiday shenanigans. Besides, you’ve got way too many things on your plate during the holidays. Enough is enough, right Capricorn? Not to worry, no one is forcing you to participate.

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