This $125,000 safari is the most luxurious vacation in the world

Hey Meghan and Harry — have we found a trip for you!

A company specializing in African travel has just announced the most luxurious (i.e. expensive) trip to the continent yet — and, to make woke liberal billionaires who can afford it feel better, it’s centered on conservation and promises to “go well beyond carbon neutrality.”

Luxury tour operator Roar Africa teamed up with the airline Emirates to create the Roar Africa Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari that will take 10 well-heeled passengers to four countries in 13 days this September — a trip that includes visits, lectures and documentaries by BBC celebrity octogenarian David Attenborough, conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert, and environmentalist and filmmaker Craig Foster.

Reps for ROAR say the safari is so sought after, half the seats were immediately sold upon announcement.

The trip “is an extraordinary ‘bucket list’ travel experience designed to preserve and support Africa’s wildlife, wild spaces and communities,” according to a release sent out by Roar. “This is the first time that the premier airline has partnered with a travel specialist to curate an epic journey, with an ethos rooted in humanity, targeting sustainability and conservation. The life-changing itinerary delivers 10 guests in unbridled luxury to the four iconic African destinations that offer the ultimate adventure and encounters with environmental educators and conservation change makers.” An undisclosed portion of the proceeds will go to the Great Plains Foundation.

“We have painstakingly selected profound destinations and intimate wildlife discoveries to reveal what must be done to ensure that Africa’s people, nature and animals survive and thrive,” Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder of Roar said. “And knowing that time is a non-renewable resource, guests will appreciate the absolute exclusivity and unparalleled ease of travel.”

Guests will fly from Dubai on an Emirates A319 private jet and each have their own suites and access to private showers and powder rooms — making them members of the elusive Mile High Shower Club as well. Onboard is a lounge that also serves as a restaurant and screening room.

The company is well aware of the environmental impact of flying 10 people around Africa.

“Third-party experts Proof of Impact have been retained to calculate the CO2 emissions from the entire trip [not just the flights] to ensure the trip is climate positive,” according to Roar. “Roar Africa has committed to buy the highest-standard forest carbon credits, and enough of them to cover 1.5 times the expected emissions, which is 50% additional credits above certified ‘carbon neutral.’”

The trip starts in Dubai, where guests will stay at the famed Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, before heading off to the Mpala Jena Camp in Zimbabwe. That morning, the group will get a private guided tour of Victoria Falls before heading off for several days to the luxury camp by helicopter. The next stop is Duba Plains Okavango Delta — owned by National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and conservationists, the Jouberts.

“This truly remote location, north of the Moremi Game Reserve, is home to six bespoke tented suites with an indoor bathroom and shower, as well as an outdoor shower and a communal deck with pool,” the itinerary notes. “The Duba Concession offers particularly rich wildlife with prolific sightings of lion, elephant, buffalo and hippopotamus, along with many other species.”

Afterward, guests will catch the great migration at the Mara Plains Camp, in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, for three days before ending with a trek to see the gorillas in Rwanda and a stay at the $2,000 a night Singita Kwitonda Lodge in the Volcanoes National Park.

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