This is what 71 looks like

This is what 71 looks like: Social media manager says laser treatments and spending time with animals keeps her young

  • Angela Laws, 71, from Brighton revealed how she maintains her youthful look 
  • She has used a Clarisonic cleansing brush on her face every morning since 2001
  • She has a £300 intense pulse light (IPL) laser treatments twice a year 

Angela Laws lives in Brighton with her husband John. She is a social media manager for a pet-sitting business. 


I believe we need a purpose at any age. Trusted House Sitters (trustedhouse gives me this: people often say I’m the oldest social media manager they’ve ever met. But I love a challenge. When I started, we had 13,000 Facebook followers; now it’s more than 220,000. I just won the Drum Awards Community Manager of The Year. It keeps me young and I have no plans to retire.


I’m fastidious about skincare. My best investment was a Clarisonic cleansing brush (£120, I’ve used it every morning since 2001, with Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser (£20). It’s a brush that gently pulses, like an electric toothbrush, and you massage it around your face. In 60 seconds, it cleanses six times better than by hand.

Angela Laws, 71, (pictured) from Brighton revealed spending time with animals and having a monthly Guinot Hydra- dermie Youth Moisturising Facial has contributed to maintaining her youthful appearance

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I’ve been riding since childhood. A hip replacement means I no longer own a horse, but I still go riding four to five times a year, usually on holiday. At 68, I did a three-hour Lord Of The Rings ride in New Zealand. Last year I rode in South Africa. It keeps me fit, on top of the regular exercise I do, walking dogs when pet-sitting. I find it so therapeutic to spend time with animals — they are the best antidote to loneliness.


Every month, I get a Guinot Hydra- dermie Youth Moisturising Facial (£65, It is designed to re-hydrate mature skin, using a massage roller to maximise the absorption of gel serums. My skin feels much plumper after, and the dewy glow lasts for several days.


I have intense pulse light (IPL) laser treatments (£300) twice a year that help to treat skin pigmentation — a problem I developed after living in several hot countries due to my husband’s work as an engineer. My dermatologist recommended it and it’s made a big difference. I’m in my 70s now and see no reason to stop, I do it for me, to make the best of what I’ve got. 

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