Top Chef All Stars L.A. Week 9: Who Was Eliminated?

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UPDATE: This article is updated weekly after each elimination. Spoilers ahead!


Season 17 of Top Chef All Stars L.A. is in full swing, and the competition is especially fierce this time around.

HostPadma Lakshmi declared early on that the 15 chefs returning to Top Chef are among the best of the best, and they’ve got more motivation than ever to make it to the end as the winner will receive $250,000—the largest cash prize in the show’s history.

Along the way, the chefs will be joined by the likes of everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Danny Trejo. Fan-favorite judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons are of course on board as well.

So who was eliminated week nine?

This week the contestants were challenged to a summer camp challenge using only bulk ingredients at a camping destination outside of L.A.

The winners were: Greg, Bryan and Karen (Bryan won!)

And the bottom chefs were: Lee Anne, Melissa and Brian.

Ultimately, it was…


Joe Sasto

ELIMINATED WEEK 1: Joe was eliminated for his overly complicated, soggy flatbread that none of the judges liked.

Joe competed in the Colorado season, season 15.


Angelo Sosa

ELIMINATED WEEK 2: Angelo was eliminated for his overly sweet soup, whose flavors never really came together.

Angelo was in season seven and the All Stars season eight.


Jamie Lynch

ELIMINATED WEEK 3: Jamie was sent home for technique that did not make the cut after he forgot to add his au jus to his dish.

Jamie competed in the Charleston-set season 14.

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Lisa Fernandes

ELIMINATED WEEK 4: Lisa’s “clunky,” poorly cooked Brussels sprouts got her sent home.

Lisa was a contestant on season four, the Chicago-set season


Jennifer Carroll

ELIMINATED WEEK 5: Jen’s lemon ginger sauce was not bright and sunny and was a weird texture, per Tom.

Jennifer Caroll was originally on season six, returned for the season eight All Stars season and in Last Chance Kitchen season seven.


Nini Nguyen

ELIMINATED WEEK 6: Nini and Karen were eliminated in the team challenge as their flavors didn’t sing.

Nini is a veteran of season 16.

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Karen Akunowicz

ELIMINATED WEEK 7: Nini and Karen were eliminated in the team challenge as their flavors didn’t sing. But Karen won Last Chance Kitchen and returned to the competition!

Karen was on season 13 of Top Chef.


Eric Adjepong

ELIMINATED WEEK 8: Eric’s salty fish sent him packing.

Eric competed in season 16 when the show was in Kentucky.


Lee Anne Wong

ELIMINATED WEEK 9: Lee Anne’s soggy donut and badly baked clafoutis sent her packing.

Lee Anne was a contestant on season one and came back in Last Chance Kitchen season seven.

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Kevin Gillespie

ELIMINATED WEEK 7: As the leader of failed restaurant wars team, Kevin refused to throw any of this teammates under the bus, too responsibility and went home.

Kevin is a veteran of season six in Las Vegas.


Karen Akunowicz


Brian Malarkey

Brian was an early competitor on the show from season three.

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Bryan Voltaggio

Bryan competed in season six of the show.


Melissa King

Melissa was on season 12 in Boston.


Stephanie Cmar

Stephanie was in New Orleans for season 11.

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Gregory Gourdet

Viewers will recognize Gregory from season 12, the Boston-set season.

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