Travis Scott, Drake Sued For $1 Million Over Fan Injuries And Tragedies

What was supposed to be a night filled with hyped raving, party madness, and reckless dancing to the works of Travis Scott ended in tragedy on Friday, November 5th, at the Astroworld festival. According to a TMZ report posted on November 7th, the intense surge of crowd energy during the rapper’s performance left eight dead and hundreds of others injured and/or hospitalized. Following the fatal stampede, families of the deceased, as well as injured survivors, are suing Travis Scott, Drake, and Live Nation for negligence and endangering the safety of attendees.

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The first person to file a lawsuit was a guy named Manuel Souza, claiming he was injured when the melee took place and is suing for $1 million. Souza claims the entire ordeal could have been prevented and alleges negligence and gross negligence on behalf of Travis Scott, Live Nation, and others involved.

More survivors have come forth with horrific accounts of bones breaking under the weight of raving fans while Scott danced and sung mundanely, seemingly unaware of the chaos ensuing in the crowd. One, in particular, is a person who goes by Kristian Parades, who is also suing for $1 million in damages. He also claims that there was poor planning on behalf of the event’s security team and overseers, calling out Travis as one of the main figures in charge of the entire event. But Parades also mentions a third party, Canadian rapper Drake, who made a surprise appearance to perform SICKO MODE alongside Travis and was instrumental in inciting the crowd to a crazed reaction, which caused things to end in an unprecedented manner.

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In response to the mass casualty event, Travis posted a video expressing his deep sorrow over what happened and sending prayers out to the families of those whose lives were lost. He said in the video that he “could just never imagine the severity of the situation,” implying that he was largely unaware of the death going on all around him. Kylie Jenner, Scott’s wife, came to his defense and claimed that she, too, was oblivious to the chaos in the crowd.

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But this sort of mayhem doesn’t seem to be a stranger to Travis Scott shows. Souza expressed in his lawsuit that Scott’s “express encouragement of violence has previously resulted in serious violence at numerous past concerts.” Scott’s history doesn’t lie, as he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in 2015 for allowing fans to rush the stage at the Lollapalooza concert in Chicago. Then, in 2017 he faced similar charges of disorderly conduct and was sued by a fan who became partially paralyzed after being pushed from a third-story balcony at a show.

Obviously, this most recent event was the worst in the line of a string of events with the same storyline. Again, eight people lost their lives, including a 14-year old and a 16-year old.


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