Tremendous Baby Names Beginning With 'T' For Your Tiny Tot

Are you trying to terminate the tortuous task of tallying up every top-notch baby name beginning with “T” in hopes of touching down on something thrilling yet tasteful for your talented tot-to-be? Truth be told, if you’ve torn through the alphabet already, avoiding “A” names and steering clear of “S” names to travel all the way to “T” it’s truly time to pull the trigger. Tell you what: We’ve totaled the top contenders for “T” names of 2020-2021, from traditional types like Theodore and Theresa to trendier targets such as Temple, Traveler, and Tobin. Take your pick!

Traditional “T” names for girls

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Thalia (means “joyous muse of comedy” — a person we’d all love to live with!)

Thelma (would a twin sister named Louise be a terrible or amazing idea…?)

Theresa (or Teresa, or Therese if you’re fancy)

Theodora, Thea (we can’t decide which is cuter, the name or the nickname!)

Tatum (means “brings joy”)

Tiffany (an ’80s name due for a comeback)

Twyla, Twila (whether your inspo is Twyla Tharpe or Schitt’s Creek is up to you)

Tanya, Tonya (just don’t let her go into figure skating)

Tabitha (means “beauty,” “grace,” or “gazelle”)

Temperance (is it weird that we love this Puritan name that’s also a tarot card?)

Trendy “T” names for girls

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Tess (started as a nickname for Teresa, now she’s here)

Temple (phenomenal researcher and autism spokesperson Temple Grandin is a great namesake)

Tegan (again with the twin girl names: skip Sara)

Tara (this Irish name has some epic meanings involving kings, crags, and sea goddesses)

Tea (or Theia, Teia or Téa)

Tia (maybe she’ll be a Goonies fan like Tia Mowry)

Tiana (a true princess of our times!)

Terra (an Earth name that’s not too flowery)

Taylin (if both Taylor and Kaylin were calling to you)

Tallulah (meaning “running water”)

Unisex “T” names

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True (yes this was a girl pick for Khloe Kardashian, but could totally be a boy name too)

Tinsley (surely Tinsley Mortimer has a male counterpart out there somewhere)

Townes (so classy! so old-school British-sounding!)

Traveler (give them a name they can live up to)

Taylor (a classic any-gender name the Swifts and Lautners of the world have made proud)

Thatcher (maybe skip Margaret as a middle name though)

Thyme (the gender-neutral answer to flower names? Herb names!)

Tamryn (a stealth nature name, this one is Russian for “palm tree”)

Taren (or Taran or Taryn or even Tarin)

Tal (a Hebrew name meaning “dew”)

Traditional “T” names for boys

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Theodore, Theo (a way better Presidential name than Donald, that’s for sure)

Terrance (or Terence, this began as a Roman clan name)

Trevor (a Welsh-Irish name meaning “wise” or “prudent”)

Thomas, Tom, Tommy (technically means “twin” but doesn’t have to be one IRL)

Timothy (Chalamet has brought this oldie back into fashion)

Tobias (or stick with the O.G. Hebrew version, Tobiah)

Travis (means “crossroads,” and any 2021 baby will be at one for sure)

Thaddeus (an antiquated British name whose nickname, Thad, actually translates to modern life well)

Tristan (it was good enough for Shakespeare)

Tremaine (means “from the big town” but cool for country kids, too)

Trendy “T” names for boys

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Trip, Tripp (whether he’s third born or not, it’s still cute)

Trey (also means “three”)

Trooper (if he was born in 2020/2021, he is one)

Tanner (once an English surname, it translates great to a first)

Titus (or Titan, like Kelly Rowland’s son)

Tyson (just maybe not Dyson though)

Tate (not just a fabulous museum in London)

Troy (skip naming his sister Helen)

Tucker (a ’90s-name favorite that’s holding strong)

Tobin (means “goodness of God”)

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