US fashion icon Iris Apfel shows off her whippet's eclectic wardrobe

Dogwalk! Owner of VERY stylish Italian greyhound who bemoaned that the fashionable pet had nowhere to go in 2020 reveals her Spring wardrobe

  • Instagram star @Tikatheiggy went viral this month showing off all the clothes the pet hadn’t been able to wear because of lockdown, winning 25 million views    
  • Tika, who has 547, 000 followers on Instagram, has unveiled styles for 2021
  • Stylish Italian greyhound, who turns ten next summer, is seen wearing a double dickie-bow and pink shirt plus a grey mac and monochrome onesie  
  • Has flurry of A-list fans including Iris Apfel, Sharon Osbourne and Sofia Vergara

An Italian greyhound who went viral on TikTok after her owner posted a video of her showcasing the outfits that she couldn’t wear this year because of the pandemic has now offered a glimpse of the dog’s Spring wardrobe. 

Instagram star @Tikatheiggy, who lives with her two owners in Montreal, Canada, scored more than 25 million hits after the short clip showed her wearing garments including a canary yellow tracksuit and a knitted onesie in a shade of burnt sienna. 

Tika’s post, hashtagged #LoveItCouldntWearIt, garnered a host of celebrity fans with Sharon Osbourne following her and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara copying the video with her own parody version. 

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#LoveItCouldntWearIt! Instagram dog @Tikatheiggy went viral in mid December after her owners, who live in Montreal, showed off all the clothes the pet hadn’t been able to wear in 2020 because of lockdown

Blue is the colour – Tika’s ensembles for next year include this feathery number. One of her two dads, Thomas, said Tika, who’s almost ten, loves the attention

Among the outfits confined to lockdown was this colourful number; the post on TikTok has since had more than 25 million views

Sporty: The Italian greyhound dons a canary yellow tracksuit – with stripes and a hood – in the bedroom photoshoot

The cute pooch marked the chilly festive season with a sartorial tribute to Bridget Jones’ erstwhile pink ski-wear, including a woolly hat with two fluffy pale pink pom-poms

Nonagenarian supermodel Iris Apfel this week declared the adorable-looking dog, who turns ten next summer, ‘King of Unworn Fashion 2020’.

The latest post on Tika’s Instagram shows the couture-loving canine trying out new styles including a double dickie-bow and pink shirt – for the ‘office’. 

There’s also a stylish grey mac over a monochrome onesie, and a more incongruous Halloween outfit. 

The hilarious videos, which are narrated by Lorena Pages, feature Tika speaking with a Spanish accent as the dog reveals her thoughts on the different outfits. 

And the cute pooch marked the chilly festive season with a tribute to Bridget Jones’ erstwhile pink skiwear, including a warm-looking hat with two fluffy pale pink pom-poms.  

The pooch found herself subject to attention from A-list fans, with Sofia Vergara recreating a parody of the video days later

The latest video, which is narrated by Lorena Pages and features Tika appearing to speak with a Spanish accent, show the canine Instagram star in a grey mac and stylish monochrome top

Speaking to Fashion Magazine, Tika’s owner, Thomas, one of her two dads, said the family pet loves the attention of such shoots, saying: ‘She is very much a diva in real life and I try to convey that online with her online persona. I’m not really making much up.’ 

Earlier this month, Tika experienced some A-list flattery when Sofía Vergara, who boasts 43.9M social media followers, recreated the viral TikTok video. 

‘#LoveItCouldntWearIt’: On Monday, Sofía – who boasts 43.9M social media followers – recreated a viral TikTok video by Tika the Iggy (R), a fashion-forward Italian Greyhound

This will all be over by Halloween, right? Tika sports a ghoulish look, and right, going for a double dickie-bow – a work look, apparently 

‘I had so many cute warmer outfits planned for this year that I couldn’t wear,’ Vergara said on Instagram, adding ‘So I just wanted to show you. Love it, couldn’t wear it!’

It was a clever way for the America’s Got Talent judge to showcase some of the styles from her latest clothing collection with Walmart.

Her owner says her wardrobe is actually a necessity rather than a whimsy, because Italian greyhounds are ‘desert dogs’ and need protection in a cold climate such as Canada’s. 

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