Vending machine lets you slot in snacks and get cash out

Vending machines are usually pretty simple – you put some change in, you get a packet of crisps, a drink or chocolates.

But one man has come across a contraption which turns the entire concept on its head.

Instagrammer Ross, who goes by Ross Creations, shared a video of himself using the device.

He slots a can of coke into the vending machine and out comes a dollar (73p) (he probably lost money on that, as many drinks are a little pricier than that).

While there are reverse vending machines which take in rubbish items and then pay you for recycling, Ross’s machine seems to take in unused items.

In the video, his Coca Cola is unopened.

So the machine may be ideal for those who want to give up their snacking habits and make a buck in the meantime.

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The video, accompanied by a futuristic audio, has been viewed more than 67,000 times.

Many marvelled at the machine, saying it would be perfect for the environment and would encourage people to stop littering.

Vlogger Ross, who often posts videos using technology to entertain his 2.4million YouTube followers and 520k Instagram followers, left little information about where the machine could be found.

His followers left plenty of comments on the post.

‘Omg this is incredible’ wrote one person while another said it was a genius concept.

Some had clever ideas about how to maximise profits with the machine.

One person wrote: ‘If you buy a 12 pack of soda for $4, you can make $8 just by putting all the cans in this machine.’

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