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Although last week’s Below Deck episode was former third stew Caroline Bedol’s swansong exit, she still made her way into this week’s programming. Following another dramatic episode that teased at deckhand Ashton Pienaar’s accident, Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen invited some of the involved crew to the show.

Bosun Ross Inia and deckhand Rhlyee Gerber were scheduled to be on the show. But at the last minute, Captain Lee Rosbach hopped a plane from his home in Florida to join the team too. And while the televised show went as expected, the After Show went “off script.” How was Bedol involved? And what did she do that made Andy Cohen look totally uneasy?

Bedol polled Twitter

Earlier in the day Bedol, who briefly left Twitter, returned and hinted she might call into Watch What Happens Live. She first conducted a poll, asking if she should call in and ask a question. Before she removed the poll, followers were against a call.

Viewers waited to see if Bedol was going to call WWHL, but she never surfaced. A Twitter follower asked Bedol what she would have asked. “On @BravoWWHL I intended to [email protected] what measures he took to scrutinize my claims that @Kate_Chastain and @josiahcarter_ waged a 30min verbal assault, screaming accusations about STDs and sick comments about my mother’s mental illness,” she replied.

But then did this

Although Bedol didn’t call WWHL, she called the After Show. Bedol called under a fake name, Susie from Nebraska. And her call produced a gasp from the cast and audience when she revealed her true identity. Gerber gasps and puts her hand over her mouth as Rosbach and Inia look completely uncomfortable. Cohen appears almost speechless as he adjusts in his seat.

Bedol tells Cohen she’d been trying to get ahold of him as a slightly awkward silence falls over the production. And as viewers cringe, Bedol then tells Cohen she made a pipe for him. Cohen seems amused and tells her he wants it.

Then Cohen tries to steer the conversation

Cohen regains his footing after mispronouncing Bedol’s first name. He tells her she resembles Ellie Kemper from the Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt. Bedol seems delighted,” Oh my God, thank you,” she says. Cohen tells Bedol he even showed her picture to Kemper to show they were twins.

But then when Cohen asks if Bedol watched the Kemper episode, Bedol says no and “Why would I watch your show? You are so not cool. I’ve reached out to you.” She previously also mentions not getting an invite on the show too. Cohen remains composed as nervous giggles are heard from the audience. They agree they also share the same favorite song too.

Which provides a nice segway for Cohen to sashay Bedol off the phone. “We have a lot in common except I never worked on a boat and I don’t look like Ellie Kemper,” Cohen says. When Bedol asks what was Kemper’s reaction, Cohen says she loved it and he’d show her the clip. “Caroline I love you, and I hope that I meet you soon,” Cohen says. “She’s very entertaining and I hope she comes on the reunion.”  After much speculation, does that mean Bedol has finally secured her reunion invite?

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