Who Is Sarah Trott On Matt James ‘Bachelor\u2019 Season? Meet The Fan Favorite

Bachelor contestant Sarah Trott began her journey by sharing a compelling story about her family during the premiere of Matt James’ season. Sarah revealed that she left her job as a broadcast journalist to care for her dad, who has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

But Bachelor host Chris Harrison has also hinted that Sarah will have a serious romance with Matt, saying in a Meet the Women of The Bachelor video that the two have a spark pretty early on. But, Chris added, they have a “very up and down journey” as the season goes on. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Sarah can be seen crying in the trailer for the season, something that she’s already poked fun of on Instagram.

Okay, but who is Sarah Trott, exactly? Here’s what you need to know.

She’s really close with her family.

In fact, her Bachelor bio says that she comes from an “incredibly close-knit family.” She also says that her parents are the “true example of the loving and loyal relationship that she wants for herself one day.” Awww.

Sarah is already Instagram famous.

Plenty of women go on The Bachelor to build up their Insta followings, but Sarah is already verified and has 28,000 followers as of publication. Not to mention, she’s been doing the spon-con/giveaway thing for a while now. Proof:

She’s had two serious relationships before.

“Unfortunately neither turned out to be her Prince Charming,” her Bachelor bio says.While there are scant details on this yet,odds are it’s going to come up on the show.

Sarah has a random, but totally awesome hobby.

Sarah is a trained fire dancer, per her Bachelor bio. Please please please let this come up on the show!

Fire dancing outtakes and Charlie is like wtf is going on… Also anyone else’s mom like this too?! “YESSS” I’m dead #fyp #Bye2020 #foryoupage #dance

She has a podcast and blog.

It’s called From Here to Where, and it’s on female empowerment. Sarah writes on her blog that she hopes her community will help “bring strong girls together.”

Sarah is also a model.

Because, of course. Sarah is signed with Otto Models, and she’s also repped by the Innovative Artists talent agency. Sarah posts plenty of shots on Instagram of herself in bikinis, although it’s unclear if they’re for modeling gigs or just her posts.

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