Who Wins Matt James’ ‘Bachelor’ Season In 2021? Reality Steve Has All The Dirt

  • Reality Steve revealed his spoiler for Matt James’ Bachelor season, including the finale.
  • He shared who makes the final four and what he’s heard since filming ended.
  • The blogger also says that the winner’s family isn’t keeping it a secret.

Watching The Bachelor is a life lesson in self-control. While you ~could~ go at the same pace as the show, you also know there are spoilers upon spoilers out there that could give you all the dirt before it actually happens on screen. It’s like having a view into the future without all that complicated time travel stuff.

Well, the spoilers are here for Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and, naturally, they’re juicy AF.

Still, if you don’t want to know who wins Matt’s final rose and how season 25 of The Bachelor ends, do not keep reading.

WARNING: Major Bachelor finale spoilers ahead!

Ready to learn it all? Here’s what we know so far.

First things first, here are Matt’s final four:

Expect to see these ladies trying to make their best impressions during the COVID-19 version of hometown dates, according to Reality Steve:

“I do not know who the 4th girl is, although I was told it was Bri Springs, I haven’t gotten the confirmation I needed,” Steve wrote on his blog. “But since I’m just laying out everything for you that I was told pre-season, there you go. If/When I get solid confirmation, I’ll let you know if Bri is in fact the 4th girl. Doesn’t mean she finished in 4th place. I’m just trying to give you the 4 girls that got hometown dates. Serena P., Rachael, and Michelle definitely did.”

So, who won Matt’s final rose?

Sorry, folks, but it’s not *totally* clear at this point. There’s some talk that Rachael Kirkconnell wins, but the source(s) are a little dubious.

“I was told ‘Michelle and Rachael were final 2, and Rachael wins.’ Well, if you believe everything coming out of the small town of Cumming, GA, then it’s Rachael Kirkconnell,” Reality Steve said on his blog. “Because for the last month, all I keep being told out of Cumming is that Rachael won, and all her friends and family know and they’re telling everyone.”

But, Reality Steve pointed out, he “heard the same exact thing about Madi during Peter’s season. And I never ran with it because I was never convinced it was that easy. And it ended up being wrong anyway.”

Still, Steve said, “I’m also positive Serena P and Michelle don’t win. …So all signs are pointing to Rachael. Just kinda hilarious if it is true since her family apparently won’t shut up about it. Hey, maybe it is that easy this season?”

Basically, Bachelor Nation might actually have to wait for the finale to find out for sure. Sigh.

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