Woman accused of being ‘creepy’ after placing a hidden camera in her fridge

A woman was left annoyed that she was called 'creepy' after placing a hidden camera in her fridge.

The 20-year-old British woman took to Reddit to explain she shares a house with three other women.

She said she wanted to find out who was responsible for her food and drink constantly going missing.

Labelling it 'unbelievably frustrating', she explained how she had installed a 'fridge camera' and caught the culprit red-handed.

However when she confronted the thief, she was annoyed to be told she was in the wrong for invading her privacy.

Reddit users were divided as to who was in the wrong.

Said said the woman was in the right as the ends justified the means as she found the culprit.

However, others claimed the woman was wrong to record her flatmates without their permission, regardless of the reason.

The woman explained: "We have a shared fridge, where we have a shelf for each of our stuff. I have noticed that my food and milk constantly goes missing.

"I see multiple times a week that a large portion of my food and milk is gone. It's unbelievably frustrating, and also very time- consuming and expensive having to buy/cook new food.

"I always believed it was Kate [fake name] because 1.) She is awake late in the night (1-4am). I am asleep then, and I tend to notice my stuff missing in the morning 2.) I have asked all of them about it. Sara and Zoe both deny taking my stuff, but Kate gets all defensive and says I shouldn't accuse her when I have no proof."

She added: "I was complaining about it to my friend, and he said he was in a similar situation and he got a fridge camera. I thought this was a great idea. I got one, placed it discreetly inside the fridge, and decided to wait a week.

"Sure enough, it was Kate, raiding my food daily. I confronted her about it, because now I had proof. I showed her the footage, told her to never do it again, and that she should repay me for what she took.

"She went ape***t. She said how dare I put a camera in the shared kitchen without asking the others first, and how it's so invasive to record others in their own home.

"I explained the camera only recorded the inside of the fridge, not the whole kitchen, but she didn't care.

"She has since said she'll never be able to feel safe in her own home again. Zoe has sided with her and they're both calling me an a*****e and saying I should've asked everyone first, even though this would've defeated the whole purpose. I said none of this would've happened if Kate hadn't been stealing my food and lying about it. Sara has taken my side, so it's pretty tense in the house atm."

One person on the woman's side, wrote: "I'd also say it's pretty freakin invasive to be a thief too."

While another added: "I wouldn't feel safe living in a home with a thief."

However, someone else argued: "The majority is badly wrong on this one. Don't set up hidden camera inside someone's home. Zoe has every right to be furious, and OP owes her a big apology. It's absolutely a violation."

While another added: "OP doesn't get to unilaterally violate everyone's privacy just because one roommate is an a**hole. Clear ESH [everyone sucks here]."

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