Woman asks for spider web tattoos – but ends up with fish gills on shoulder

A woman has issued a warning to tattoo fans after getting a tattoo that looked like a pair of "fish gills".

Ashley King wanted to get two tattoos of spider web on the dip between her collarbones but it went completely wrong when she saw the actual inking on her body.

She posted in a now-viral video and shared a photo of the original tattoo that she wanted to get, saying: "I wanted this but inverted."

But the tattoo artist failed to deliver the exact design and added more "weaving lines" on the web.

The 22-year-old said: "It’s been a while since this happened and I hate it so much but that’s what I get for not researching my artist."

She also explained in another video of how her tattoo looked like eight months after.

"If the line work was actually clean and he hadn't added 500 extra lines to the tattoo, I really would have liked it I think," she said.

"Regardless you can see the lines are terrible, nothing's connecting, it looks scratchy to be honest."

Tattoo fans were shocked and commented on the poor structure and line work of the tattoo.

"What was that? I'm crying for you bestie," a viewer commented.

"Oh my God bae you've got gills," another wrote and a third said: "It looks like Tim Burton's spider web, that's kind of cool but that's unfortunate the artist did you like that."

Some suggested Ashley to do a cover-up with some coloured florals so that it won't look too horrible.

"At that point I would just add Jack the Skeleton bow tie and call it a day," one said.

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Ashley said she has a plan of turning the inking into a "blackout tattoo".

Meanwhile, another woman also shared her tattoo horror on TikTok after realising her tattoo of a moon had turned into a "deranged button".

She said the tattoo apprentice passed the inking in rounds several time that she could feel "a circle of ink" under her collarbone.

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