Woman shows how to get toned-looking core lounging in sun – without exercising

A woman has revealed her ‘smart’ hack to get a toned tum – without having to exercise and hit the gym.

For those who want to get fit and physically see the results, getting a sweat on and eating healthy is most usually the way to go.

But TikTok user Layla K says she's devised a quick option to get a chiselled stomach by just laying in the sun.

The curly-haired beauty has now gone viral for her core toning tip – with her clip racking up a whopping 15.5 million views.

In the video, Layla lounges outside in a black and white bikini as she let her long locks rest on her shoulders.

She wrote: “Tanning instead of training core thinking to myself… It really is that easy.”

Cleverly, Layla used some sun cream to ‘sculpt’ out her abs by drawing the shape of the muscles on her belly.

The bikini clad beauty drew eight square-shaped spots with the white lotion from below her belly button to just under her boobs.

She did this to create the illusion of a toned mid-section without having to train for it.

And now, many people want in on the action as they want to get the same quick fix

One person commented: “Next level life hack.”

Another user added: “This is how imma get my core muscles.”

While a third person voiced: “Omg this is so smart.”

Someone else expressed: “Work smart not hard.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user commented: “I’m doing this for holiday.”

Despite receiving praise for her toned core ‘hack’, Layla received some backlash.

Some accused her of not putting suntan lotion on the rest of her body, which is dangerous.

But Layla reassured concerned commenters that she applied SPF to her entire skin – and then layered the squares of sun cream on top.

Hitting back, she shared: “I think you don’t understand that I do have protection everywhere else too.”

We can't wait to see the results…

Let us know in the comments what you think of the hack!

To learn more about being safe in the sun, you can access information on the NHS website here.

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