Womans clever jam jar hack keeps strawberries fresh for weeks at a time

Buying fresh fruit is great – but it's always disappointing when it goes off before you have the chance to enjoy it.

Thankfully, a woman has saved the day by sharing her hack on how to keep strawberries fresh for three weeks.

Kris posted her foodie tip on Facebook, where it's racked up 359,000 shares and 28,000 likes after only being posted a couple of days ago.

She included a picture of the strawberries she has put in a jar.

Kris explained in the post: “It took me 36 years to find out that if you put strawberries in glass jars, they last forever!

“These ones, no word of a lie, are over 3 weeks old."

She continued: “I’m lucky if I get them to last 5 days before they start to run when I buy them from there. I don’t know who else knows this trick but if you don't, you’re welcome!”

People quickly took to the comments to praise Kris for sharing her hack that will reduce food waste and let people enjoy their whole punnet of strawberries at last.

One person commented: “Mine are lucky to last more than 2 days without being eaten lol but that is good to know.”

Another user added: “We bin them after a day. Thanks!”

Whilst a third person said: “Will be buying some jars. Amazing.”

Someone else shared: “I will be saving my mayonnaise jar.”

Let us know in the comments if you knew about this hack already – or if you have any other food hacks.

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