Women are sharing their stories of being 'Michael-ed' Love Island style

There are two types of people in this world; those who support Love Island’s Michael, and those who absolutely detest him.

For those of you who have yet to see a man moving in the maddest way possible let me recap: Michael Griffiths was coupled up with Amber Rose Gill, and they were favourites to win the whole thing.

Despite her being wary at the start, and saying he looked like the type of guy that would ‘ruin a girl’s life’, she gradually let her guard down after he’d promised her his head wouldn’t be turned by other girls and that he’d love for Amber to meet his family.

When the girls were then sent to Casa Amor to meet a new crop of lads (and new girls were sent in to the original villa with the boys) everything seemed to change.

As Michael cracked on to Joanna Chimonides, he claimed that Amber was actually ‘childish’ and he had ‘bitten his tongue’ in a lot of situations he shouldn’t have. It was quite the turnaround.

Amber stayed loyal to Michael, but when he recoupled with Joanna, there were a whole load of fireworks both in and out of the villa.

Sex and relationships influencer Dami Olonisakin – known as Oloni – took the opportunity to see if any of her followers had been in a similar hot-and-cold situation. Turns out, they definitely had.

The worst part of being Michael-ed, however is not the dumping. After all, we’re all adults here, and nobody has to be in a relationship with anyone they don’t want to be with. The worst part is the fact that it will then somehow be your fault that they left, despite them not having voiced any concerns before.

Perhaps you weren’t being affectionate enough. Perhaps you were being too affectionate. Whatever the Michael needs to help them assuage their guilt and put the blame on you, they’ll find something.

Any reaction you have to the whole paradigm shift that’s just occurred will be deemed ‘childish’, ‘immature’, an over-reaction, crazy, or hysterical. The real life Michael tried to claim that Amber was ‘raising her voice’ to him, despite the whole nation being able to clearly hear that he was much louder than her. We have the receipts, Michael, but will that stop you Michaeling? No.

After being Michael-ed, there’s not much you can really do but leave.

Love would be too sterile and safe if you lived your life refusing to open your heart in fear of accidentally doing so to a Michael. Let them live in their Michaelness, and hope that one day you’ll be Tommy’d instead.

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