Albert Vete hopes to put lessons from Melbourne Storm to good use at Hull KR

ALBERT Vete hopes lessons from the very best can rub off at Hull KR – always look to get better.

And while their personalities may seem the polar opposite of each other, he sees similarities between new boss Tony Smith and Melbourne chief Craig Bellamy.

Tongan prop Vete has moved over from NRL giants Melbourne Storm, where he was part of last year’s Grand Final winning squad.

Counting the likes of legend Cameron Smith, who has won the lot Down Under, as a team-mate had a big effect on the 28-year-old, a schoolboy rugby union star in his native New Zealand.

Now he wants to put those examples into practice on the other side of the world.

Vete, who admits he was the ‘shadow’ of Jesse Bromwich, said: “The biggest thing I took was them never being satisfied with where they’re at.

“Players weren’t satisfied with their form, accolades that come off the back of that, playing internationals or State of Origin.

“Everyone was just really hungry to get better and that was an eyeopener to see guys like Cameron, Jesse, Dale Finucane and Cameron Munster trying to get better.

“They’ve been at the top of their game for a very long time and it made me want to get better, not waste sessions and try to soak up as much as I can from the coaches.”

Vete may have been born in New Zealand but he is Tongan through and through. Both parents were born there and he drove with his brother to watch the Pacific island stun Great Britain in 2019 as a fan.

Now he is playing on these shores and will face some of the players he wanted to lose when he was also in the crowd for England’s World Cup semi-final in 2017.

Vete will also have the same aim from new boss Tony Smith, even though his chilled exterior is very different from Melbourne firebrand Bellamy, who is often seen screaming in the coaches’ box.

He added: “They’re both very competitive, I saw that straight away. His vision for the team is success and that matches up with Craig.

“My first impressions of Tony are definitely the same as Craig – wanting to win, the drive to win and the drive for change here after last season.

“The coaches’ box may be quieter though. I haven’t really heard Tony swear much, which is a bit different to Craig!”

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