Andrew McCutchen ticked off by Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak

The Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak forced the Phillies to pause play for a week, and one Philadelphia player was not happy about it.

“I was upset at everything that’s transpired through that … whoever decided to step out or not necessarily follow the health and safety protocol,” veteran outfielder Andrew McCutchen said Monday in a podcast with The Athletic. “That upset me. What made me angry was that we, as the Phillies, were the ones that ended up having to pay for that.

“We followed all of the health and safety protocols,” said McCutchen, who spent part of the 2018 season with the Yankees. “We knew that was important. We understood that’s what we need to do to be able to play this game. And we did everything right. And we paid for it.”

The Phillies and Marlins played each other during the season’s opening weekend in Philadelphia. After it was revealed that multiple Marlins players and staff members had tested positive for the virus, the Phillies were forced to isolate and receive daily testing to be able to resume play Monday against the Yankees in The Bronx.

The Marlins have had 21 positive tests between players and staff members and there was a report last month that a few Marlins players left their hotel in Atlanta and some were drinking at the hotel bar.

“For me, that was upsetting,” McCutchen said of the report, which Marlins CEO Derek Jeter later denied. “I’m sitting here at home, watching 28 to 27 to 26 other teams play, and we’re sitting at home — all [testing] negative by the way. And we have to watch this happen while we did nothing wrong. So for me, that was very upsetting. It was very upsetting that we did everything right, and we were still the ones paying for it.”

Jeter in a virtual press conference Monday said, “Our guys were not running around town in Atlanta. We did have a couple individuals leave the hotel. We had guys leave to get coffee, get clothes. No salacious activity.

“Look, I understand that guys are probably upset because, you know, they’ve had to sit out as well. But this is an issue that … We’re not the only team that is dealing with. These are a lot of teams that are dealing with this. A lot of teams have players that have tested positive. You feel horrible. I feel horrible for our guys. I’m happy that no players from Philly have tested positive. I think that’s a good thing. But ultimately, whether or not we play — what games are played or canceled — are not up to us.”

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