Arsenal fan denies performing sex act on stream while commentating on Southampton game after 'leg itch' video goes viral

A FOOTBALL vlogger joked he might set up an 'OnlyFans' – after viewers mistakenly thought he was 'pleasuring himself' during a live stream to 40,000 viewers when he scratched his leg.

Popular online Arsenal commentator Chig appeared on Lee Gunner's YouTube 'watchalong' to commentate on Arsenal's 3-1 win over Southampton late last month.

Footage shows Chig leaning backwards on either a bed or sofa while watching his phone when his body begins to repeatedly shake.

The commentator can be heard panting and 'moaning' while his left hand remains out of view, before his camera is turned off.

When the camera turns back on around four minutes later, the co-host could be seen reaching for a tissue – prompting even Chig to brand the incident 'phantom w*nkgate'.

Viewers who got the wrong end of the stick regarding what Chig was up to quickly became angry – with some slamming the behaviour as 'disgusting' as 'young kids' watch the channel.

However Chig, who commands almost 11,000 subscribers on his Gooner Eagle Eye YouTube account, was able to see the funny side of the misunderstanding.

He claimed he was 'embracing' the controversy and joked that he would have to charge for his 'OnlyFans material'.

The clip racked up more than 40,000 views before Lee removed it from his YouTube account around nine days later.

As the clip began circulating on social media, Chig took to Twitter with a public statement to clarify what had actually been happening in the clip.


Chig said: "For the dumb ar**s who actually think I was watching p*rn during a f***ing watchalong, I was watching the game and my leg was itching but no one cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining!

"Some common sense guys please. I love Lee Gunner but I can't afford to waste these b****s at my age staring at Lee."

When one user said the situation looked bad, Chig added: "It looks terrible lol. I can't lie, I looked at it and thought wtf am I doing lol? But it weren't w***ing."


Chig later posted a video further explaining what had gone on for those who had been 'living under a rock' and not heard about it.

He said: "I was literally scratching my leg and the sound that accompanied it was me just having some satisfaction of grabbing the itch.

"There's also a separate clip of me grabbing a tissue paper, like I'm not allowed to. It just fitted in with the narrative. I know why I grabbed the tissue paper.

"I can't even be bothered to explain because it sounds like I'm lying, so I don't want to feed into that. It was a separate clip of me grabbing a tissue paper right after this.

"There are some people who don't know me who actually thought I would be capable of that. Those people are ignorant, they don't know me, and they can be forgiven for that.

"There are people who I least used to speak to that actually thought I did that. I thought 'who masturbates like that?' and 'why is there no common sense from certain people'.

"Twitter was the funniest and saddest place [the night of the livestream]."


However fellow YouTuber and football fanatic Adam Brown blasted both both Lee and Chig as 'irresponsible' for leaving the clip online for at least nine days after everyone pointed out how it looked, believing they were using the misunderstanding as 'clickbait'.

Adam, who is from Cardiff, South Wales, and runs the footy channel Football With Brownie, said: "They have a pretty big following, and some children will have been watching because you don't know if they're all over 18. It's irresponsible.

"Because of the outcry on Twitter people have been wanting to have a look for themselves, and there's advertisements on these videos so they're earning money from it.

"He's deliberately outspoken and doing things for clickbait. They should have taken it down [sooner]."

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Lee Gunner even thanked those who spoke out about the incident for increasing the number of visitors to his channel.

Replying to a tweet including the controversial clip, Lee said: "Maybe if you had the same energy for your YT channel as you do your Twitter account you wouldn’t have to promote mine.

"Thanks though as between all the usual Twitter clout chasers you’ve driven more traffic to my channel."

When confused viewers pressed him for an explanation, Chig was happy to explain he was 'moaning' from 'relief after grabbing an itch'.

He added: "I make noises when I scratch, sue me."

Chig tweeted: "The irony about this whole thing is I don't even moan when I actually w**k lol."

However eventually he said he was 'sick of defending this phantom w**kgate'.

Chig and Lee Gunner were both contacted for comment.

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