Blake Wallace eager to grab second Super League chance – and some Toronto wages

BLAKE Wallace wants to ease his Toronto heartache by grabbing his Super League second chance – one he did not think would come.

For as far as Leigh’s new boy was concerned, he was joining a Championship side.

And he believes he will at least get some of the money he is owed by the Wolfpack after seeing the fallout of their collapse closer than most, by living in Canada.

Aussie half-back Wallace has raided his savings to live as players and staff have gone seven months without getting a pay cheque.

Toronto withdrew from Super League last year and were voted out for 2021, with Leigh coming in.

Now the 28-year-old, who had been with them since day one, is determined to not let luck pass him by while fighting off the field for what he is owed.

He said: “I’m disappointed more than anything at how it ended. I can’t even remember when Toronto stopped paying us, it was that long ago!

“I’ve got mates who didn’t have a job, staff members I really got along with who didn’t have a job. A lot of people were without work.

“It had so much potential. It was a great thing but it was pretty much a case of me raiding my savings just to live day-to-day.

“I was fortunate in that I was in Canada – I expected to be there for six weeks but ended up there for months – as my wife’s from there and we stayed with her family but it was tough.

“Thankfully, I’m at a club where I can get paid, do my job and get back on the field and I’m part of talks with the GMB union and the Wolfpack over wages.

“Hopefully it figures itself out and if I get my money, I’m happy. If not, I don’t know what will happen – at best, it’ll be a portion of what I’m owed.

“I’ll be happy, though, to get my settlement and move on, put it all behind me. It’s just dragging.”

Wallace, who helped Toronto from League One and the Championship, now has the chance to prove he is a top flight player after joining Leigh.

Before they quit, the Wolfpack lost all six Super League games and being back in the top flight is a surprise.

He added: “Leigh were still in the Championship when I signed, hoping to get promoted. I signed with every intention of helping them get promoted.

“That’s the path I thought we’d be going down but we got lucky and managed to get that 12th spot. Now it’s come full circle for me.

“But I’m really excited to get a second chance with Leigh.”

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