Brit Tom Bosworth BLASTS Olympics food selection as 'like a PRISON'

Team GB race walker Tom Bosworth BLASTS the food selection in Sapporo at the Olympics as ‘like a PRISON’ in now-deleted tweet and blasts the IOC for serving ‘cold slop’ before he competes this week

  • The 31-year-old slammed the International Olympic Committee on Twitter
  • Bosworth compared the cafeteria unfavourably to a ‘sweaty school dining hall’
  • He asked for food other than ‘cold slop, steamed onions or partly cooked pasta’ 
  • Bosworth then urged the IOC to be more athlete-focused in a follow-up tweet
  • But the Commonwealth Games silver medallist has now deleted both tweets 
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British athlete Tom Bosworth has lashed out at the International Olympic Committee over the ‘prison’ conditions at the race walking venue in Sapporo.

In an angry series of tweets that he has since deleted, Bosworth criticised the ‘slop’ being served up in a ‘sweaty school dining hall’ at Sapporo Odai Park.

Ahead of his challenge in the 20km walk on Thursday, the 31-year-old wrote: ‘Hey @iocmedia you know the millions of (dollars emoji) you make off the Olympics. Any chance, in the week of our race we could get some food? Like meals? 

Team GB athlete Tom Bosworth blasted the food selection in Sapporo in a now-deleted tweet

The 31-year-old posted a video walking through the cafeteria at the Sapporo accommodation

‘Not cold slop, steamed onions or partly cooked pasta? This is the “pinnacle of sport.” Sapporo feels like a prison.’

An accompanying video showed the food being served. 

Bosworth, who begins his Tokyo campaign this week, clearly feels the current selection of meals is not adequate for a professional sportsperson.  

He later added: ‘Welcome to the sweaty school dining hall that a lifetime of hard work gets you. @iocmedia any chance you could be a little athlete focused? Any chance we could have somewhere to get some fresh air aside from the 900m training lap we have? A cup of coffee wouldn’t go amiss.’ 

The 31-year-old asked for food other than ‘cold slop, steamed onions or partly cooked pasta’

Some of those who initially replied to his tweet expressed sympathy for Bosworth’s plight

Some on Twitter expressed sympathy, with one saying: ‘Looks like the options available at a budget all inclusive holiday.

Another added: ‘#Japan, such great cuisine, #Tokyo the culinary capital of the world. Disappointed to see/hear that!’

However, others disagreed and felt the complaints betrayed a bad attitude on Bosworth’s part.

One social media user responded: ‘To describe the accommodation as “like a prison” is insulting. Japan is doing its best to hold an Olympics during the most difficult circumstances. If you have a problem with the food, why not say something to the local staff rather than posting offensive comments on social media?’  

However, several others felt Bosworth’s complaints about the food betrayed a bad attitude

A second asked: ‘Have you tried prison food? Bit of a spoilt brat attitude, you are aware people are starving around the world and would love a meal like this. Get a grip’.

Another said: ‘Any chance you could stop whinging? You’re only going for a walk. It’s not like you’re an elite athlete!’ while a fourth added: ‘Food might (be) crap but feels like a prison? Come on.’ 

Bosworth finished sixth at the Rio Olympics in 2016. 

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