Cesc Fabregas’ wife Daniella Semaan is 12-years older, a mother of five and has been called Queen of the Wags – The Sun

SHE is the gorgeous Lebanese-born mother of five who is married to ex-Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas.

Daniella Semaan is one hell of Wag, turning heads wherever she goes with her sultry looks and enviable figure.

The glamorous Wag was dating the Chelsea star for seven years before he popped the question back in 2017.

But Daniella also has a feisty side that would appeal to any red-blooded male. So, what is it that charmed the Blues star?

She's 12-years Cesc's senior…

EITHER Cesc is a big fan of Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate or he has a penchant for the older lady.

Beautiful Daniella is 46-years-old, but she certainly doesn't look it at all with a body to die for.

It's easy to see how Cesc, 34, fell for her charms and she's definitely a sophisticated gal, who likes to be wined and dined.

And if you're into star signs, she was born on June 4 which makes her a Gemini.

Geminis are famed for being talkative, passionate, witty and independent, so Cesc certainly has his hands full.

A mother-of-five…

DANIELLA and Cesc began their love affair in 2011 and since then they've had three children.

First to come along was their daughter Lea, who is now 8-years-old.

They added Capri, 2, to their brood in 2015, and Daniella gave birth to their third kid, Leonardo back in 2017.

Daniella also has two children from a previous relationship with ex-husband Elie Taktouk, called Maria and Joseph.

Controversially met…

DANIELLA and Cesc first set eyes on each other in Japanese restaurant Nozomi in London's super-wealthy Knightsbridge area.

She revealed how she approached his table to ask for an autograph for her football-mad son, Joseph. The pair soon swapped numbers.

However, according to reports and who you believe, Barcelona's wags have a different story to tell.

They said that Daniella hip-swayed towards Cesc's table with a hand-written note with her number on it, left the piece of paper on his table and sashayed away.

But, according to her millionaire London-based businessman ex-husband Taktouk, she was still married at the time.

Taktouk also alleged that he and Daniella were trying for a baby.

There was a legal battle…

IT ALL got a bit messy for Daniella, Cesc and her ex-husband.

Taktouk suggested Cesc and Daniella had an affair in a court battle over the proceeds of their 13-year marriage.

He also said Daniella lied to a judge by claiming Cesc didn't fund her extravagant lifestyle.

Taktouk wanted a reversal on an order that said he must sell the home they shared.

He was left further furious when he listed the home and a bid of £5.4m was made on the property by a company belonging to Cesc, which he rejected.

Cesc and Daniella won their legal battle in the end, the Belgravia flat was sold and she was awarded £1.4 million.

Don't mess with her…

SUPERMODEL, and former squeeze of Leo DiCaprio, Bar Refaeli felt Daniella's wrath back in 2012.

The Israeli stunner was hanging around Barcelona's star players, attending the Nou Camp regularly and tweeting about it.

Bar even posed with players including Fabregas, Pique, Messi and Xavi in snaps she shared online.

Barcelona's famed Wags were in uproar, but only Daniella spoke out to save the day.

She tweeted: "Some models obsession about certain player is becoming ridiculous… some respects please !"

And Daniella had the support of then Barca midfielder Thiago's girlfriend Julia Vigas, who shared Daniella's tweet.

Now, if that isn't girl power we don't know what is.

Queen of the Wags…

WELL, we're calling her that because she's certainly use to life's luxuries.

Back in Barcelona, when she first began dating Cesc, Daniella was often seen zooming around the most prestigious streets of the city in his Ferrari.

She was a well-known shopper and all the designer stores in the Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona's answer to Bond Street, knew her.

Her particular favourite shop was Chopard, where she would often buy expensive jewellery.

However, it wasn't all plain-sailing with the wags… just ask Andres Iniesta's missus, Anna Ortiz.

At their 2012 wedding, Daniella turned heads in a cleavage-revealing purple silk dress that was slashed to the hip.

There were whispers that she had tried to steal the limelight from the bride, but it all blew over quickly.

And finally…

DANIELLA isn't popular online. In fact, she was once a target for a hate campaign in her native Lebanon.

In a spiteful war she's had on Twitter with someone calling themselves Doctor Lebanon, she's been labelled a "gold-digger" as well as a "soulless cougar" in several nasty attacks.

The cyber troll appears to have intimate knowledge of Daniella, having grown up near her in the small village of Miziara.

Whoever Doctor Lebanon is, it takes a brave mortal to take on this tough chick.

And they'd certainly have Fabregas to answer to too.

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