DeAndre Baker’s bail amount may mean case is unraveling

The $200,000 bail set Sunday for DeAndre Baker sounds like an onerous amount, but it was not, given that the Giants cornerback signed a four-year contract worth $10.5 million and last year received a signing bonus of $5.67 million.

Broward County Judge Michael Davis surely knew this, and was fully cognizant Baker would easily make bail and get released, rather than remain jailed.

This is exactly what happened.

This could be an indication that despite the serious charges against Baker — four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault — the case might be unraveling, with witnesses recanting on their initial statements, a local defense attorney said.

“From what has been presented to the public from the arraignment it seems that this case may not be as strong as the prosecution has alleged,’’ David Touger, a New York-based criminal defense attorney, told The Post. “The public must remember all is not necessarily as it seems and people who had [Baker’s] career done and over might have to eat a little crow. This is America, and he is innocent until proven guilty.’’

What Touger described as “a nominal amount’’ for Baker’s bail leads to educated speculation.

“There has to be some weaknesses in this case,’’ Touger said. “The prosecution does not seem to have gone at Baker or his co-defendant very hard. If they had a strong case one could assume that they would have really fought hard for remand and no bail.’’

Baker has many legal, Giants and NFL entanglements to navigate. Even if he is cleared of all criminal charges, he is subject to the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy and could face a suspension.

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