Dillian Whyte could live in a WINNEBAGO this week as risk of him fighting Povetkin at hotel is so high, reveals Hearn

THE risk of Dillian Whyte scrapping with Alexander Povetkin ahead of their fight is so high the Brit brawler might have to live in a WINNEBAGO.

The heavyweights are due to fight this coming Saturday.

But there are fears of an impromptu scrap between them before then.

That's because they're both due to stay in the same hotel because those involved in the fight must remain in a 'bubble' to limit the risk of people catching coronavirus.

Hearn said: "We are looking at the possibility of hiring a Winnebago and parking it in the private area that we have in the hotel car park because I don't think it's safe for Whyte to be around Povetkin in fight week."

Such a move would need special permission from the authorities due to the tightly-regulated rules.

Hearn added on Sky Sports: "If we don't separate these guys they will be rolling down the hill towards the A12.

"It is a serious, serious point I'm making to the British Boxing Board of Control. We need to make sure those two are separated and segregated.

"I'm not worried about Povetkin, I'm worried about Whyte because he has already told me: 'If I see this guy in my face on fight week in that hotel, I can't be responsible for my actions'.

"So we need to make sure that we don't have issues. Keep them apart to make sure the fight goes ahead.

"We are looking at contingency plans which includes the Winnebago, and we are seeing if everyone is happy in terms of quarantining.

"The corridors [in the hotel]? You can't get one big heavyweight down there, let alone two!"

White has been training in Portugal while Povetkin recently arrived in the UK with Hearn taking a cheeky dig at the Russian's "rascal clobber".

The heavyweight and his team wore matching tartan tracksuits and flat caps for the journey over.

It was revealed earlier this week that the prestigious WBC Diamond belt would be on the line.

Speaking to Sky Sports, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said: "I'm very excited about it

"I believe that this fight has all the merits for the WBC to award the prestigious 'Diamond' belt.

"Both are sensational fighters. Povetkin and Whyte are former 'Silver' champions of the WBC.

"They have been training in extreme circumstances and they are very professional.

"The WBC is delighted to be part of the fight as the WBC 'interim' championship and also to award the 'Diamond' belt, which is a special trophy to recognise this great bout."

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