Eric Cantona stars as 'the king' in Liam Gallagher's new video

Eric Cantona puts Manchester rivalry aside with United icon starring as ‘the king’ in Liam Gallagher’s new video (and City’s most famous fan is his butler!)

  • Eric Cantona is one of Manchester United’s most iconic players in history
  • Liam Gallagher is arguably Manchester City’s most famous supporter
  • They put football to one side to team up for a video for Gallagher’s song ‘Once’ 

Eric Cantona might be one Manchester United’s most synonymous players but it didn’t stop him teaming up with one of Manchester City’s most famous fans, Liam Gallagher, for the singer’s new video.

Cantona stars as ‘the king’ for the song Once, which sees him reprise a role that aligns with his nickname from his time at Old Trafford.

But perhaps unexpectedly, Gallagher features in his own video serving as the butler for Cantona’s character, which doesn’t quite fit with the flamboyant character that he is known for.

Eric Cantona plays ‘The King’ in the video for Liam Gallagher’s new video for ‘Once’

Gallagher plays the role of Cantona’s butler and was delighted to get to work with him

Gallagher had been teasing something special all week on social media but his link-up with the man who played such a central role for City’s fiercest rivals is a surprise. 

‘I’m absolutely thrilled to have Eric Cantona, the last Rock n roll footballer, star in my video for ‘Once’’, Gallagher wrote on Twitter.

‘Songs like this don’t come around very often and neither do football players like him.’

Cantona, meanwhile, shared a clip of the video on his Instagram with the caption: ‘So proud! Thanks Liam, Debbie, Charlie and all your team!’

Gallagher shared a pic of him with Cantona on Twitter, saying he was ‘thrilled’ to work with him

Gallagher’s video for ‘Once’ coincides with the release of his Acoustic Sessions EP 

Gallagher also shared a picture of him with Cantona on the set of the video.  

The video comes to mark the release of Gallagher’s Acoustic Sessions EP and the original tune is on his album Why Me? Why Not.

Cantona played for United for five years, from 1992 to 1997 and four Premier League titles and two FA Cups.



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