Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul round by round: How YouTube star took boxing legend the distance in Miami exhibition

FLOYD MAYWEATHER dominated his much-maligned exhibition bout with Logan Paul – but he couldn't find the spectacular knockout he so desperately craved.

The former five-weight world champion locked horns with the social media superstar in the early hours of the morning at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

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The fight went as many expected, with the undefeated Mayweather having his way with the YouTuber for large portions of the bout.

But he was left frustrated by Paul's roughhouse tactics, which resulted in their clash going to the final bell.

Here, SunSport gives you a round-by-round run-through of what could very well end up being the boxing legend's final outing to the ring.

Round 1

Mayweather opens up with a high guard and adopts a cautious approach early doors.

Paul is pumping out the jab to the head and the body but has yet to find a home for his range finder.

The Maverick throws an overhand right before initiating a clinch. They break and Mayweather lands a big left to the body.

Mayweather lands a good leaping hook, a shot Paul partially returns the favour with seconds later.

Paul connects with a right hand and unleashes a barrage of shots before the end of the round.

Round 2

Paul is struggling to find his range with his jab but is doing well to keep Mayweather at bay. Money lands a good jab to the body.

Paul fires a three-punch combination but Mayweather gracefully avoids the oncoming shots.

Mayweather evades the jab but ends up getting caught in the clinch.

They break and return to their original positions. Paul is trying everything he can to find a home for his jab but is continuing to hit thin air.

The bell goes.

Round 3

Paul immediately backs up Mayweather and fires a big uppercut with his man on the ropes.

Mayweather expertly avoids the shots and gracefully circles away from trouble.

Paul is being warned for constant holding, although I've seen worse excessive clinching go unpunished.

Paul lands a good uppercut on the inside that draws a wry smile from Mayweather.

The Maverick is trying to lean his body weight on Mayweather but is eating shots to his midriff as they clinch.

A beautiful left hook lands flush for Money, who is slowly but surely upping the ante.

Round 4

Paul tries to lean on Mayweather early but is warned off by the ref.

Mayweather is teeing off now, repeatedly landing his lead left hook.

Paul fires back with a good overhand right – although it wasn't the cleanest shot.

Mayweather lands a big right hand on the onrushing Paul, who has so far given a stellar account of himself.

Mayweather fakes with left hook and lands a beautiful right hand.

Round 5

Mayweather's Philly shell defence is cause Paul big problems.

Paul lands a short right hand but ends up eating a big left hook for his troubles.

A beautiful counter right lands for Mayweather, who follows up with a picture-perfect slip-uppercut.

Mayweather finds a home for that lead left hook again. The bell rings.

Round 6

Mayweather is stalking Paul now and is clearly looking for the finish.

Money lands a big left hook to the body that makes Paul wince in agony.

Paul's repeated attempts to clinch are frustrating Mayweather, who is starting to talk to the social media star.

Mayweather lands a big right hand after avoiding a telegraphed left hand.

Round 7

Paul looks to clinch again but is once again told by the ref to 'stop holding'. They tie up again, but this time Paul lands an uppercut in the clinch.

Mayweather is angry at Paul's tactics and is trash-talking the 26-year-old now.

Paul is continuing to pump out the jab, but, as has often been the case, he's failing to land it with any authority.

Mayweather is clearly frustrated by how things are going, in particular Paul's survival techniques.

A good left hand lands for Mayweather just before the bell.

Round 8

They touch gloves after the final restart.

Paul lands a good leaping left hook that snaps back Mayweather's head.

But he's gone back to trying to drain Mayweather's energy by grabbing and leaning on the Olympian.

Paul is playing up for the fans in the final embers off, taunting Mayweather before the final bell – which many thought we'd never hear – goes.

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