Footballers' sexiest sisters including Neymar's sibling Rafaella and Theo Walcott's bodybuilding relative Hollie

THESE ladies refuse to stay in the shadows of their famous siblings.

They are the sisters of football's leading men and are making their own way in the world.

From playing volleyball to fashion blogging, they've all chosen a different career path to their brothers.

And they happily share their lifestyles on social media – gathering a multitude of followers fascinated by the lives they live.

Here's eight sisters doing it for themselves.


Brazilian beauty Rafaella, 24, is superstar Neymar's younger sister.

The pair are so close, the PSG ace has a tattoo of her face on his right arm that he showed off in 2015.

And whenever Neymar has missed matches through injury and suspension, the timing has conveniently coincided with one of Rafaella's birthdays.

She has become an influencer, getting 5.5 million followers on Instagram and sharing sexy model snaps.


Marta is the beautiful 35-year-old sister of former Chelsea star Alvaro Morata.

She is an Instagram model, as well as a yoga teacher – creating her own blog called Comoonity.

Marta has almost 100,000 followers, who hang onto her health and fitness tips.


With a brother like former Arsenal star David Ospina, Daniela Ospina is in safe hands.

And Daniela, 28, is also good with her hands – she's a professional volleyball player and most famously played for VP Madrid.

She was married to Colombian star James Rodriguez, before they split in 2017.


Just like her brother Theo Walcott, Hollie, 31, is a gym buff.

But, instead of football, she competed in bodybuilding events – scoring high marks from judges for her enviable figure.

The mother-of-two often shares tips on staying fit alongside Theo on social media.


Another stunning Brazilian, Gabrieli is the hot sister of ex-Chelsea playmaker Oscar.

A fashion blogger and journalist, the blonde beauty has launched her own shop – the ByUs Store in her homeland.

And of course, she's the one modelling most of the wear. Totally understandable.


Ana is the low-key sister of former Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

She prefers to stay out the limelight, occasionally appearing on her brother's Instagram feed.

The gorgeous brunette is an aspiring filmmaker.


Just like her brother – Argie ex-pro Santiago, who briefly managed Real Madrid, Liz has an eye for theatrics.

She is a 37-year-old Argentine actress, who has appeared in a variety of TV and films in South America.

However, she made front-page news after a tragic incident when her boyfriend, fellow actor Leonardo Verhagen, died in her arms after a night of wild sex in 2010.


The sister of Inter Milan star Arturo Vidal turns heads wherever she goes.

The 30-year-old is also said to share a very close relationship with the Chilean midfielder.

And she gained quite the cult following on Instagram, when she began posting saucy images online.

But when she started receiving messages from strangers, Amber made her account private.

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