John Daly reveals Donald Trump does NOT cheat at golf… but Bill Clinton did – The Sun

DONALD TRUMP does not cheat but former President Bill Clinton most certainly does… at golf, says links legend John Daly.

Respected US journalist Rick Reilly recently published a book all about the Commander-in-chief's alleged skullduggery on the course.

Hollywood hero Samuel L Jackson and boxing icon Oscar De La Hoya have both gone on record saying Trump is an awful cheat.

But two-time Major champion and avid Trump fan Daly insists it simply is not the case.

Wild Thing Daly, 53, recently played golf with Trump at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

The former Open champion called it "one of the greatest days of my life" and even bizarrely called Trump "dad" in one of the hashtags he used.

But on Trump's alleged cheating, Daly told TMZ: "It's funny how these people say, 'Does he cheat?'

"Well, when he goes out and plays, if he hits a bad shot, he might hit a mulligan, but he doesn't count it when we're playing the match.


"It's just amazing that people call him a cheat in golf. You want to call a cheat in golf? I'll tell ya… Bill Clinton.

"He took a mulligan on putts, chips, when I played with him.

"I don't think Bill Clinton could've broken 100. At least the President, Mr Trump, he can shoot 80. 78 to 84, probably."

A mulligan is when a player retakes a shot.

Trump replied to Daly's photo of the pair of them together with the message: "Thank you John, you are a special guy!"

Daly, who was given mouth-to-mouth and needed an emergency operation after being bitten by a spider while on holiday in England this summer, has played with Trump before and visited him in the Oval Office.

Trump, 73, has previously claimed to have won 18 club championships – including one on a course that wasn't even open at the time.

In his book Reilly claims 16 of the those alleged wins were "lies" and that none could actually be confirmed.

Reilly said: "Trump's nose has grown so long he could putt with it."

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