Logan Paul 'beating up legitimate undefeated boxers' in sparring and says ring is 'covered in f***ing blood'

LOGAN PAUL claimed he is 'beating up legitimate undefeated boxers' in sparring and says his ring is 'covered in f***ing blood'.

The YouTuber will take on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout on Sunday night.

Paul prepared for the fight in his Los Angeles home, where he has a gym built on site with a ring outdoors.

The 26-year-old has been training constantly since his first ever boxing match in 2018, and earlier this year he warned he is leaving experienced sparring partners bloodied and shocked.

Paul said on his podcast in March: "We really do this s***. We really do this s***, it's all we do, everyday for the past three years.

"Trained this morning, trained yesterday, trained the day before, eating healthy, going to sleep at the right time – it's all we f***ing do.

"If I was walking in there, a complete noob, my first year of boxing, my second year of boxing even, then like OK, maybe a little anxious.

"I don't know how long it takes to finally get good as something but I'm there.

"We're beating up legitimate boxers, legitimate professional, undefeated boxers in my backyard.

"Go look at the canvas out there dawg, it's covered in f***ing blood, none of it's mine."

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Mayweather, 44, officially retired in 2017, after sealing a perfect 50-0 record having beaten UFC star Conor McGregor in ten rounds.

He did return a year later, wiping out featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in round one of their exhibition.

It was the only time the unbeaten all-time great ever boxed outside of the US and his first away from Las Vegas since 2005.

But he will make a comeback for a similar spectacle against internet sensation Paul.

American vlogger Paul has boxed only twice before, both against online rival KSI.

The first time they drew in a white collar bout in England before turning pro for their rematch in November 2019.

KSI, 27, ended up winning by split-decision after a two-point deduction cost Paul the result.

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