Matt LaFleur ‘can’t fathom’ Packers’ worst-case Aaron Rodgers scenario

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Aaron Rodgers’ displeasure with the Packers hasn’t led any of their decision-makers to publicly admit a trade is possible.

Team president Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutekunst were first to say the franchise wasn’t considering moving the three-time MVP, and coach Matt LaFluer has now echoed that sentiment.

“Yeah, I know, and I can’t even take my brain to that spot right now,” LaFleur told reporters, according to ESPN. “So I just want to do everything in my power to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

“I can’t fathom [him] not being in Green Bay,” the Packers coach added later. “That’s where my mind’s at. I don’t only love the player, but I love the person. I love working with him on a daily basis; I think we all do — from the players in that locker room to the coaching staff. Again, I don’t even want to let my mind go there.”

LaFleur declined to reveal any of his conversations with Rodgers, who has yet to address the nature of his feelings towards the Packers. There have been several reports that he wants out, and would only return if Gutekunst is fired.

“I’ll always remain hopeful and optimistic, and certainly, we’ll always welcome him back with open arms,” LaFleur said. “He knows exactly how not only myself but our staff and our players feel about him. Like I said before, I just can’t imagine him not being in a Green Bay Packer uniform.”

Yahoo Sports reported the issue with Rodgers and Gutekunst revolves around the general manager’s decision to draft Jordan Love in the first round last year without even discussing it with Rodgers, which he has admitted was a mistake. On Thursday, Gutenkunst said he would be open to discussing personnel matters with Rodgers moving forward.

“Quite frankly, I think over the past three years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve always welcomed that input,” Gutekunst said. “I think he has such an experience in this league that that input would always be something vitally important to me, if he’s willing to give it. That’s not new. That’s not unique.”

This situation, however, is, and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better or going away anytime soon.

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